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  3. Your main comes up to you naked and says you must cuddle them or else

User Info: SadLink

4 days ago#71
I’m changing my main to Lucina for the duration of this “event”
Wish List: Twin Peaks Season 4, A proper FF game

User Info: Lyncario

4 days ago#72
It's not gay if it's with your homie. And if that homie also got a rank 10 social rank with you.
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User Info: GrandCross6

4 days ago#73
TG_Wolf posted...
I'd do the wolf style with Wolf.
Put a red flower in her hair....

User Info: Ninjaed

4 days ago#74
So I'm a Mii SF cuddling with Hero, Cloud, Richter, Palutena and Zelda. Neat?
#BringGoldenSunBack - We love the series for a reason, give it a try :)
Trials of Mana 3D remake on switch confirmed! Go Riesz for Smash!!

User Info: LilySodachi

4 days ago#75
I main Rosalina and Dark Samus...

Well, Rosalina's pretty beautiful and loveable so that's an easy yes.

Dark Samus on the other hand.... what would it even look like when 'naked'???? Even then I'd just die at its touch lol.
Patiently waiting for Resident Evil content in Smash.
Preferably Jill as a playable character, though Leon or Chris would also be pretty great.
Option 1 for Bowser main, Peach crown or no. I am curious about that shell, though.

Bowser's pretty damn cuddly.
"The best things in life must be taken... by force!"

User Info: TragicFigure

4 days ago#77
Sigh...Guess I'll show him my moves...
Sol Badguy for Smash Bros.

User Info: RayThrust

4 days ago#78
I love cuddling. Would say yes to either gender of WFT.
If the male version would want me to get naked too, I probably would.

One of them better cuddle me back.

User Info: MagicalRanger

4 days ago#79

Sonic Dream Collection already exist for some Sonic cuddling action.
When science and magic cross paths, a story is born

User Info: LumaRosalina

4 days ago#80
King Dedede

I guess. He's a penguin, can't be too bad.
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  3. Your main comes up to you naked and says you must cuddle them or else
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