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  3. Your main comes up to you naked and says you must cuddle them or else

User Info: ZNN

4 days ago#61
Werewolf-Kirby posted...
GiddtheDevil posted...
Bowser naked. I mean he's already pretty naked... Would he lose his shell? Regardless he seems pretty easy to cuddle with. Hell, his side-b is already the ideal cuddle, sans the body slam.
He's certainly easy for me to cuddle with. Anyone else will have trouble.

I main Donkey Kong so....

No tie? How kinky!

User Info: Blorfenburger

4 days ago#62
Snake says sex makes you bad
I use inverted controls. Also I hate fandoms.
I'm the Assman. Come on boy you know what I'm all about.

User Info: Funcoland

4 days ago#63

I'd refuse. Unless he crossdresses
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User Info: Ice_Dragon14

4 days ago#64
I'd have the FBI on my ass. Either for bestiality or pedophilia. Don't know which as both would apply with both my mains. Inkling and Pichu
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@Funcoland posted...

I'd refuse. Unless he crossdresses

You know what naked means, right?
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User Info: Hylian-Hero

4 days ago#67
Zero Suit Samus... I mean why not.

User Info: sinxsader

4 days ago#68
The Phenomenal One
The Best Bout Machine

User Info: Bchulo88

4 days ago#69
megaman623 posted...
Would Varia Suit Samus naked be Zero Suit? I'd be okay with that too.

Also I could just use Dark Samus after losing Varia Samus

User Info: ssj_duelist

4 days ago#70
Cuddle with Pikachu!?

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  3. Your main comes up to you naked and says you must cuddle them or else
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