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  3. Your main comes up to you naked and says you must cuddle them or else

User Info: timber_jack

4 days ago#51
I don’t WANT to cuddle Donkey Kong😩. Switching to Bayonetta.
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User Info: Foreverltj

4 days ago#52
sky_queen3 posted...
Since I'm 29 and in Australia... *opens google, googles 'how old is Chrom in Fire Emblem Awakening'* 19 pre time skip which I'm guessing is the version in Super Smash Bros.

At the risk of coming across as a dirty 'old' lady... *clicks the first option*

Nice 😉.

On topic.. as a Lucas main there is simply no way I could lmao! I'll just pretend to be a ZSS or Bayonetta main and pick the 1st answer !
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User Info: Ender68

4 days ago#54
Aight I'm switching mains to female Corrin.
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User Info: TG_Wolf

4 days ago#55
I'd do the wolf style with Wolf.
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User Info: Cyclone314

4 days ago#56
I may cuddle a Pikachu, but not while I'm naked. Hopefully it won't shock me.
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User Info: Nergigante

4 days ago#58
A rare thing for Wolf, but a welcome thing nonetheless. Let's cuddle!

User Info: M_Jackson007

4 days ago#59
That would be Daisy, so...

Hey, no problem there. It's only cuddling, right?!

I mean, at least I'd get to see if there's flowers in the flower bed!
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User Info: BassStyles

4 days ago#60
Hold me Ike. I feel no shame.
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  3. Your main comes up to you naked and says you must cuddle them or else
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