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  3. Your main comes up to you naked and says you must cuddle them or else

User Info: In_A_Fayz

5 days ago#11
RyderEibon777 posted...
In_A_Fayz posted...
pichu naked.

so like

just a normal pichu then?

What no. This Pichu can talk obviously.

yeah, by saying "pee pee", ofc it can talk
Considering Yoshi is ALWAYS naked by default and is super cuddly, this is no problem!
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User Info: UnovaBestGen

5 days ago#13
If I main pkmn trainer do i need to cuddle the trainer or the pokemon

User Info: soliantu

5 days ago#14
So Pac-Man without gloves or boots? Uh, sure.
"Until the end" - The citizens of Palmacosta.

User Info: sky_queen3

5 days ago#15
Since I'm 29 and in Australia... *opens google, googles 'how old is Chrom in Fire Emblem Awakening'* 19 pre time skip which I'm guessing is the version in Super Smash Bros.

At the risk of coming across as a dirty 'old' lady... *clicks the first option*
I'm here too I guess...
Now with 50 messages per page. :D
Would say yes right away if the princess of Ylisse said that to me.

User Info: megaman623

5 days ago#17
Would Varia Suit Samus naked be Zero Suit? I'd be okay with that too.
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User Info: DrunkCellist

5 days ago#18
damn the mii gunner isn't even wearing the funny sans outfit? that's the best part though.

ok i will.
(hey. it's me. senok. you know, the sans guy. i haven't changed my sig on this account for a really long time)
haha sans is in smash

User Info: CreeCanyon

5 days ago#19

User Info: Kirbulant

5 days ago#20
Or else what?

Anyway, I’ll become a Little Mac main for now
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  3. Your main comes up to you naked and says you must cuddle them or else
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