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User Info: PeridotEX

5 days ago#11
DanaDee posted...
o h

Kirby: poyo poy!
King Dedede: i’m gonna clobbah you kirbeh!!! ehehehe!
Kirby: *determined poyo*

Kirby: *poyo poyo*
Kirby: *poyo* *taunting*
Kirby: *poyo*
King Dedede: що так‏ кыр у не тербуте фалы тербы энду-кіпкционностица без тербмедентрического полетб текстацировищенно фіпурных интербун (лекл

king dedede you ok?

I put that through Google Translate and got this.

: so how can i have no terbuta halyards of the enda endpiccity without termemedical flying in textured fipurny interbuns (lekl

DLC Prediction: i don't even know anymore

User Info: Ender68

5 days ago#12
I gave it only 1 sentence and the result was f***ing hilarious. It's kinda like an intro to the whole thing.

In the 1940s, when the US and its allies were fighting Nazi Germany.

In the 1950s, when the Cold War was still very much a possibility.

In the 1960s, when Vietnam became a huge political, social and economic issue.

In the 1970s, when the Earth was still being colonized, and when "the end of the world" became a reality, and people had to put aside their fears and concerns and deal with the actual, real, cold, hard fact of the world that was happening.

You could be anywhere. So long as you weren't on one of the three continents.

As a story, "The Thing" is one of all-time classic pulp classics. It's been described as pulp's American Gothic, but that doesn't really capture the scope and audaciousness of what we see here.

A modern-day, postapocalyptic tale set in a completely unfamiliar world.

It's as if this is a different world in which things have gone horribly wrong.

It all started with one thing:

Geno's confirmation for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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User Info: ObeseCity

5 days ago#13
Geno: I NEED to bust a nut. I've eaten, I've chewed, I've rubbed it in, but nothing seems to work. I guess that's my problem.

"I feel like I'm making a terrible mess of things. So I start to make these things, to make the world a better, and to get those bad thoughts out of my head. 'OK, look, let me look for some kind of answer for you, and if it doesn't work, OK, I will quit.' And I keep doing it for a few weeks, and then just about everything is back to normal. And then I'm like, 'OK, well I'd better give up here, because there's no way out.' That's when the cycle starts again."
Everyone who thinks Megamind is garbage is just mad that Hal is the villain

User Info: Jedimess

5 days ago#14
Colors weave into a spire of flame
Distant sparks call to a past still unnamed
Bear this torch against the cold of the night
Search your soul and reawaken the undying light
This is the light that shall reach the far reaches
Of the earth
The light that was once here will rise again
It grows stronger as the years pass
If you are not brave then I will show you
The true power of the world
And the ultimate victory
The true light that will rule the world
I will show you that you can never win
This is the light that will reach the far reaches
This is the light that was once in the world
The light that is here is the light that will always rise
I will show you that you can never be beaten
This is the light that will reach the far reaches
This is the light that we have come to share
This is the light that will forever reign
This is the power that will bring us to the stars
You shall never defeat me!

Prepare for mild to severe discomfort!
You guys may hate each other, but I still appreciate everybody.

User Info: PeridotEX

5 days ago#15
The next Super Smash Bros. fighter was revealed, being none other than the titular Super Smash Bros. fighter, Mario. His appearance now has him being a member of the Koopa Troop. He was also able to fly for the first time, which is pretty great.

This is the first time we are seeing some other new characters in a Smash Bros. game. I don't know how, but at some point we'll get a new character named Meta Knight, or some such.

Speaking of character names, here's Captain Falcon as a character, which is very very good. No other character in the series got a name until this one. A name like Captain Falcon sounds great…and there's no one better to use than Captain Falcon.

As for Lucario, it actually sorta resembles the original Lucario from Brawl.

The other two were revealed along with Lucario, but only the first character to be shown in the new game is the new character that the fans were expecting. These new characters are…

Exiting new characters
DLC Prediction: i don't even know anymore

User Info: BenJ09

5 days ago#16
In the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, it was revealed that a new mode is coming soon! That mode is called "Kissing Time" and it's a time-based mode that lets you choose your own character, grab the other characters and try to pick someone up.

Here's a rundown of the features you can expect in this mode:

Your favorite characters will get a special attack, called "Kiss," which can do huge damage, but they won't always be hit.
The player who grabs the other players will gain a "special" attack called "Sneaker" — but it doesn't always go as planned.
All attacks from the "main" characters will be replaced with new attacks from the Kissing Time game, but will have a different power or angle that will be easier to perform.
Sneaker can do up to three times the damage.
The higher the "kills" per minute, the bigger your bonus (a point that will eventually be worth 1,000 points).

Step aside fake leakers, I've got the real leaks.
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User Info: Reversal

5 days ago#17

Mario: Watch out!
Luigi: No, I don't think I will.

Mario: Oh no! Don't put those weapons in the same area as me! Go after Dr. Wily again!
Luigi: Why? I'm not scared of your friends, and Dr. Wily is a real menace.
Mario: Don't be such a little pig. There are no problems with you and the others either.
Luigi: But we're just...
Mario: It doesn't matter what we are or not! Just follow my orders and we will take care of things for you.
Luigi: But I don't have any orders for you!
Mario: Wait. Don't you know something? I like Luigi a lot!
Luigi: Waaah!
Luigi and the others: Waaa!
Mario's group: What the f***! How did we get here?
Mario: Well, I guess that's the question!
Luigi: But you guys are still...
Mario: Wait! Where are we?
Luigi: Um...
Mario: We're going to the
Inspired by this image: https://www.ssbwiki.com/images/9/9c/SSB4-3DS_Congratulations_All-Star_Robin.png

"Paint me like one of your French girls", said Robin.
Marth looked at him dumbfounded.
"But, the one about you? Who is she?"
"Her name is Daphne.", added Robin. "I had a crush on her ever since I was a boy! And then she kissed me."
"But... You had two kisses in succession..! How can you be the same person?"
"It's complicated.", Marth explained. "But, I do know that Daphne is someone I am attracted to. And I'm sure you do too. I hope someday we can meet in person.", said Robin in embarrassment as all of his doubts were shaken away.
Anxious to help with the puzzle of the situation, Robin asked Marth where I went. But, Marth would not speak of my predicament. If he told it all, my father would get angry at him and I'd end up in a fight if my father found out I was the same person as Daphne, and that's not the kind of man I want to be. He didn't want to hear it. So, he

...I think I broke it.
"Something deep inside, keeping me alive/Fusing into the unknown, losing my own control"
--Dark Hero
Mega man, Shulk, and Ryu are in a forest looking for olimar's pellets. They stop and stumble upon Giga bowser who looks like hes about to kill them. Giga shoots some arrows at him and shulk grabs them but then shulk gets shot and falls. Giga is surprised and then lets out some strange sound. It then attacks them but then it dies when it is hit by one of Shulk's arrows. Shulk then finds that he is no longer able to control his arms so he grabs the bow to shoot more arrows at the monster and its eyes glow and then it explodes which creates a hole in a wall and Giga falls into it and they go in it again and Giga comes out of it. Giga and the monster is then fighting but when shulk fires his arrow he gets hit by this monster and falls to the ground. Shulk then sees Giga's eyes and realizes that he is not human. When it gets up out of the hole it gets its eyes back and then it attacks Giga, now with only the blue orbs of energy (similar to the ones that the
I want Don-Chan and Rover in Smash.
Jibanyan is my boyfriend and Morgana is my sworn enemy.

User Info: guydude21

5 days ago#20
[Geno from Earthbound, and he also worked in video games like Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, and Kirby.

Sitting in front of a laptop with the screen angled up so he can play the game, Gohma laughs while asking players to do their best.

Gohma came to the United States after his father died in a plane crash in 1978.

"We thought, 'this isn't going to be the end'", Gohma says.

"But it turned out to be one of the great opportunities of my life."

He was raised in a single-family home and grew up in a small town.

Growing up the son of a car mechanic, Gohma struggled academically, however and ended up having to get a degree in psychology.

He earned degrees in communications, business, and computer sciences at Washington and Lee University.

When he graduated, he was a college dropout, and worked as a waitress in a local strip mall.

"I got up at five and went to]

hmm, now I have to complete the last sentence
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