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  3. Sakurai starts to say "Avada": "Add any Harry Potter rep"

User Info: TigerTycoon

1 month ago#11
I'd be more into it if Sakurai said "Ara Ara".

User Info: TohruAdachi260

1 month ago#12
Yosuke_Erdrick posted...
perfectchaos83 posted...
Avada Kedavra is the stupidest f***ing spell.

instakill ,I win lol

I remember seeing a video on why it is a stupid spell. Basically the idea is that since there's a killing curse that can't be blocked, deflected, or otherwise defended against, there becomes no reason for the villains to use anything else. Harry Potter is at its best when it's being creative, but since Avada Kedavra is a thing, fights devolve into just jets of green light everywhere because if you have a win button that can't be stopped and costs you nothing to use, why wouldn't you press it all the time?
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User Info: In_A_Fayz

1 month ago#13
Tom Riddle

User Info: jakenomad

1 month ago#14
Inglebird posted...
Tomasagaz14 posted...
jakenomad posted...
Refresh my memory, what does Avada Kedavra do again?
Insta kills you.

Its besicelly a huondguon vit unleemeeted immuonitiun, lul. Bork Bork Bork!

Oh so that's why Robert Pattinson got one-shotted. Never understood that
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User Info: DrunkCellist

1 month ago#15
this man

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haha sans is in smash

User Info: Tomasagaz14

4 weeks ago#16
Official Mr. Who Would Win.
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User Info: bengever

4 weeks ago#17
Snape killing Dumbledore

as a fighter
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User Info: DrOrpheus42

4 weeks ago#18
Real talk though was Jason Isaacs seriously about to murder a 12-year-old in broad daylight over friggin' Dobby?
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