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  3. Any characters you're hopelessly bad at playing?

User Info: DynoStretch

4 days ago#31
I want to get good with Inkling but I can't for the life of me. She's got great aerials but I just can't seem to use anything effectively.
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User Info: FireBall2645

4 days ago#32
Joker but that is because I intentionally don’t play him right
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User Info: zoroark14

4 days ago#33
In the smash4 days I was bad at Rosalina and luma, even if Rosalina is one of my favourite Mario character (up there with koopa).
So I didn’t really used her much after learning i was bad with her.

This was the case until ultimate ver 2.0 were they added video editor to make combo videos. So I decided to make a combo video with as many characters I like. since I like Rosalina has a character, I tried to use her to maybe put one combo with her at least. I ended up being decent with her, and used her more and more since. Now she’s my fifth main, after
(in order of least to most used)
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Incineroar, and Richter unfortunately.
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User Info: Nautilus_23

4 days ago#35
All the characters on the roster have 1 000 000+ GSP... that is, except Bayonetta, who I can't get above 200 000.
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User Info: RusselRaZe

4 days ago#36
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User Info: Kantiran

4 days ago#37
Rosalina. I just don't get how to use the Luma correctly. I think I understand the theory of what to do but I have no idea of how to execute these things in practice.

And I have a similar problem with Olimar, though it's a bit better there.

User Info: LilySodachi

4 days ago#38
Greninja and Robin. I just can't figure out how Greninja plays and Robin's durability mechanic always ends up kinda f***ing me up.
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User Info: JarodLH

4 days ago#39
Akg0001 posted...
Ryu and Ken. Cant do s*** with them
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User Info: Kirbulant

4 days ago#40
Mega Man and Wario
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