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  3. Anything you guys like and dislike about Smash Ultimate?

User Info: Relia

1 month ago#1
I will go first! Here's my Five likes and dislikes about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


1. Everyone is here!

2. The opening theme

3. The Spirits

4. DLC's

5. The return of the past stages


1. Constant remixes of songs we loved in previous entries in the series

2. World Of Light (Almost all of it)

3. The Spirit Board (Obtaining the Spirit)

4. The SP gain

5. The sound effects of Stages in previous entries

That's my likes and dislikes for Ultimate. Tell me what you guys like and dislike about this game. Later on, I will make paragraphs of my likes and dislikes, but I don't have time to do it today because I have to get some sleep, so goodnight everyone!

User Info: ErsatzVuIpini

1 month ago#2
I like that Tiki is in the game
Everyones favorite lolicon <3

User Info: GrooseKirby

1 month ago#3
-Variety of stages
-Stage Builder
-Homerun Contest
-Stage Morph

-Everyone is here
-World of Light
-Too many clones
-Some of the stages missing
-Piranha Plant
-Anyone on this board that genuinely thinks Geno is not a trash tier pick
Tracer is not in because Sakurai is already Tracer.

User Info: DarkKirby2500

1 month ago#4

1. Lucina is playable.


1. Lucina doesn't have a unique move set.
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User Info: PlasmaCannon

1 month ago#5
New items like Death's Scythe and Beastball
Able to select what song you want before a battle
Mario Bros and Mushroom Kingdom 64 returned
Spirits are a better feature than Custom Equipment
Improved CPUs
Converting replays to videos

"Everyone is Here"
Piranha Plant
No Lip
No Magearna or Marshadow
No Gen 3 or Gen 5 rep
No new Zelda rep
3. F***ing. Links.
Lack of expanding into unrepped Nintendo series
Made countless playable material ATs or Spirits
Added another sword user from Fire Emblem
Removed Coin Mode
Did not bring back Bonus Mode
Menus are clunky and awful to navigate
Obnoxious backfiring Items still have not been removed or corrected
Star KO mechanics of Smash 4 were not corrected
Lack of new stages especially no Gen 7 Pokemon or Bowser Castle stage
Many of the recycled stages did not need to return
Continuing to expand 3rd parties which is leading to obnoxious and unreasonable requests by fans
Too much focus on Megaman 2 music yet again and all of said songs are awful (except Metalmans theme) and on top of that no other Wily Castles offered except for the awful MM2 version
Menu Music option in My Music has to be unlocked
Picking up items also causes characters to do their Forward Tilt at the same time
Forced to reselect our character after every battle
Spirits used by the CPU in VS mode do not gain EXP after the battle
The "Ready to Fight" banner continues to obnoxiously block the character tokens
Select Mii Costumes do not match the Miis "favorite" color
The non Hand Boss battles in Classic are obnoxious and do not need to exist
Have to play an asinine carnival mini game to unlock a Spirit after a Spirit Board Battle
Select Spirits were Supports instead of Primary
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User Info: Cameron1058

1 month ago#6
Bomberman isn’t a fighter
Dr Mario
Terry Bogard
Pichu and Young Link returning
World of Light
Lack of single player content
s***ty online
Most of the fanbase

Everything else
Bomberman was robbed this game, Gdi Nintendo! Bomberman for Smash!

User Info: Puffy72

1 month ago#7
like: gameplay
dislike: buffering
there is no gameplay discussion on smashfaqs

User Info: DiogenesKC

1 month ago#8
Relia posted...
Anything you guys like and dislike about Smash Ultimate?
Welcome to the world of idiots.

User Info: Exiliify

1 month ago#9
Zero Suit Samus
Diverse roster with a good chunk of gamings most iconic characters in as fighters

Still no Reimu as a fighter, been wanting her since Brawl
Not enough female characters as reps
#TouhouIsTheBest VoHiYo

User Info: StephenYap3

1 month ago#10
-All veterans return
-Largest selection of stages and soundtrack
-Bosses in Adventure Mode
-Female Pokemon Trainer alt
-FS Meter (Before Version 4.0)

-FS Meter (After Version 4.0)
-Lackluster Single Player Content (Yes, I played Smash 4. I liked its Single Player Content a fair bit)
-"Spirits" being PNG/JPG images, and lacking the Speed stat
-Mii Fighters dwindled in prominence (Up to the point that you can't even play as them in Classic Mode)
-Having to unlock "everybody" again...
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