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User Info: SneakyPebbles

4 weeks ago#11
When they know the exact reasoning behind things, its fake.
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User Info: Psystrike95

4 weeks ago#12
Geno is already a spirit. And so far, the "Spirits disqualifies DLC" claim has been consistent and correct, as the first 5 DLC are not spirits.
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User Info: generalguy64

4 weeks ago#13
I was expecting a picture of Sirfetch'd
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User Info: 587Deathking

4 weeks ago#14
tuba_chuckles posted...
587Deathking posted...
Thebombs posted...
"Steve was going to be included in the base roster but his development was too hard so he was decided to be a dlc."

Steve is believeable sure, but adding backstory like this just screams fake. Good try TC.

Sakurai: Since the beginning we knew how many characters we were going to have in the base roster

Every Steve leak: He was going to be in base roster but cut to be DLC

Even more than this, if he really was planned for the base roster and cut for DLC, he 100% would have been part of this Fighter Pass. There's no situation in which he was cut from the game, and then developed as DLC to be released with additional content which by all accounts does not seem to have been planned along with previous DLC.

Hell Piranha Plant was made after the base roster and was released 2 months after the game came out
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User Info: iMACobra

4 weeks ago#15
Kasumi alt for Hayabusa is dumb as hell and what is this FF1 ninja alt as well?
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User Info: AarturoSc

4 weeks ago#16

So random 4chan posts are now "leaks". Not rumors, not hoaxes, no no, straight up leaks!
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User Info: VoltaicOwl

4 weeks ago#17
generalguy64 posted...
I was expecting a picture of Sirfetch'd
I'd be okay with this TBH
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