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  3. Why don't more people want Hayabusa

User Info: Theofficilshaq

4 weeks ago#1

User Info: DisketDance

4 weeks ago#2
Cause people have s*** taste

User Info: SilentHeroSMT44

4 weeks ago#3
Yeah, I’m surprised to see so much resistance to his inclusion.

User Info: Theofficilshaq

4 weeks ago#4
SilentHeroSMT44 posted...
Yeah, I’m surprised to see so much resistance to his inclusion.
I haven’t seen anyone opposing him it’s mostly just likewarm reactions

User Info: Lubba

4 weeks ago#5
dunno. Hayabusa is a badass.

User Info: Desann

4 weeks ago#6

I haven‘t played a single of his games, so it‘s just due to a lack of personal connection.

He also doesn‘t seem too unique. As an outsider looking in, he‘s pretty much the definition of the stereotype of Ninja (and yeah, i know that‘s the point). He only has a few very interesting weapons and skills, but i honestly doubt Sakurai would make use of all too many of them.

User Info: Squiddo_Kiddo

4 weeks ago#7
Never played his series but he would be hype
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User Info: iMACobra

4 weeks ago#8
"Generic anime swordsman."
"Boring ninja."
"Ninja Gaiden/Ryu Hayabusa is irrelevent."
"Two Ryus."

Mostly stupid reasons. Doesn't help that both trilogies are actually way more popular in the West. Tomonobu Itagaki favored an Xbox exclusive when making Ninja Gaiden's 2004 reboot and sequel, which saw an underwelming release in Japan due to the Xbox brand already selling poorly there so Ryu Hayabusa isn't even one of Japan's most wanted either.
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User Info: MasterPeteDiddy

4 weeks ago#9
I lack the nostalgia for him, myself. I never really played the series as a kid. After all of the Hayabusa hype, I did decide to try out and beat Ninja Gaiden to see what all the hype was about. I'll give it credit that the cutscenes were technologically impressive for an NES game, and I enjoyed the work that went into them. They worked very well within the limitations of the system, and I like how they were able to reuse so many tiles to make it all come together. The story was stupid as heck, but it was THERE and they clearly put effort into it, so I respect that.

But the game itself didn't feel nearly half as polished as the cutscenes were. It wasn't balanced at all, and just as "Nintendo hard" as I expected. By this, I mean:

> f*** the eagles
> f*** the other enemies which are just basically the exact same thing
> f*** the sloppy pixel-prefect jumping required in some areas
> f*** the ninjas with jetpacks
> f*** the obnoxious knockback
> f*** the way that dying against the final boss sends you all the way back to the FIRST LEVEL OF THE FINAL WORLD
> Really just one death, not even a Game Over
> All those hard levels every time
> f*** all the levels
> f*** the boss gauntlet
> f*** the final boss
> Really just f*** the final boss
> Your dad is alive at least! All that hard work and you saved him! J/k he's dead.
> Take this girl who was supposed to kill you and keep her as a consolation prize I guess.
> It's romantic now. Not objectification at all.
> Also really f*** the eagles again I just hate those things so much.

All-in-all it didn't feel fun. It felt frustrating. The cutscenes made it feel a LITTLE rewarding, but not rewarding enough to be worth all of the frustration. The game was small, but still overstayed its welcome. Hayabusa also didn't feel "cool". I didn't feel like I could do cool things with him--stuff like the wall-jumping felt more sloppy than fun, and I always felt more vulnerable than powerful, even after mastering the terrible controls. His default weapon kinda sucks, and I hesitsted before using any other weapon because of their limited use.

But his design is also just... "Generic ninja". He looks like a common enemy you'd beat up in any other game, not like a main character. He's got a katana and shurikuns and... like ok cool; I don't feel like he's very different from a Mii Swordfighter in a ninja outfit.

Now if you're a fan of the series, maybe you'd say "it gets better." I'm still open-minded about trying one of the newer action games. This game reminds me a lof of Castlevania on the NES--and all three of those games had equivalent problems. (Bad controls, cheap enemies, knockback, stairs, I could go on.) I very much prefer games like Symphony of the Night, anything on the DS, or even Bloodstained. But even games like the first Castlevania is a bit better than Ninja Gaiden, imo. Maybe I'm biased, as I do have my nostalgia there. But the music was better (NG has like, one good song, and it's like 4 worlds in), the main weapon was better, the enemy design was better, the theme was better... Castlevania just came together better.

I wanted to try the first one because so many people rave about it like it's a classic. I don't think that it's simply dated--I think that it's simply subpar. I can play any Mega Man NES game for a title with a character with a good design, cool weapons and abilities, better music, and a better balance between rewarding and challenging vs. frustrating and difficult. It could be me, it could be my play style. I dunno. But to me, from my point of view so far: I'd need to try a newer game. Hayabusa seems generic, and not interesting. He isn't very fun in his own game to me, and I can't imagine how he'd feel much better in Smash.
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User Info: SneakyPebbles

4 weeks ago#10
Meh, didn't like his games, and he's kind of boring. I'm not really opposed to him, but I'm certainly not a fan.
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