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  3. think of your main, most wanted, least wanted and one other fighter

User Info: Knuxdontchuckle

3 weeks ago#1
they are now stuck in a stage 4 in left 4 dead. with super powers for defense and evasions available but not attacking, will they survive? - Results (31 votes)
oh yeah
83.87% (26 votes)
oh no
16.13% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
in other words, mario could jump high but he can’t use fireballs and doesn’t have any power ups. as for winged characters, assume they can fly, but not enough energy to escape the swath of zombies.

pretty much, you’re limited to the supplies in left 4 dead and must use them to survive.
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User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

3 weeks ago#2
Lucas, Niiue, Nowi, Marth.

Marth and Lucas can make do with Melee weapons. Niiue can sit back an assist and Nowi can just turn into a dragon and be a distraction while the others escape.
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User Info: Lyncario

3 weeks ago#3
Joker, Reimu(already won), Jonesy, and DK. They do pretty good, I think.
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User Info: Nes_Mettaur

3 weeks ago#4
Dr. Mario, Rex & Pyra, Shantae, and Palutena.

Dr. Mario hard carries the group
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User Info: Hello891011

3 weeks ago#5
Ice Climbers, Tracer, Goku, and Mario.

I don’t know much about Left 4 Dead, but I assume Tracer and especially Goku can probably carry the others, maybe even literally lol.
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User Info: LeonMitarashi

3 weeks ago#6
Main: Palutena
Most wanted: Zero
Least wanted: Dante
Other fighter: Link

All 4 of them have dealt or can withstand s*** worse than a horde of zombies. They will be fine.
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User Info: squarion

3 weeks ago#7
Main: Snake
Most Wanted: Jill Valentine
Least Wanted: Steve
Other Fighter: Samus

Beast team lol
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User Info: Knuxdontchuckle

3 weeks ago#8
my main is duck hunt
my most wanted is knuckles
my least wanted is that chucklehead lark
my random is ryu

strategy is simple:

use duck hunt to survey the scene from atop. knuckles and ryu can handle the guys on the ground and lark is bait for the tank
i'm the fighting freak knuckles. tough as nails. unlike sonic i don't chuckle.

User Info: Ravio-of-Lorule

3 weeks ago#9
Most Wanted: Crash
Least Wanted: Goku
Main: Zelda
Other fighter: Mewtwo

Goku just incinerates everything and Mewtwo could just fly everyone to safety while Goku has a field day.
Official Ravio of the Smash Bros. Ultimate Message Board
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User Info: firedoom666

3 weeks ago#10
Most Wanted: Chibi-Robo
Least Wanted: Geno
Main: Villager
Other fighter: R.O.B.

Villager is the only human, so I think he would be the only one the zombies would attack. His Gyroid Rockets can definitely help him escape from zombies
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