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  3. Would you cut K. Rool and Banjo-Kazooie for Waluigi and SMRPG (Geno)?

User Info: MarcyWarcy

4 weeks ago#51
Geno is baby's first jrpg character and has nothing else interesting about him and waluigi is fun but also a joke. K Rool and Banjo are dream picks. Pass

User Info: NinoTheSage

4 weeks ago#52
I'm not a fan of K Rool or Banjo. I actually like Geno more than I like either of them.

But cutting characters for other ones (and especially cutting unique reps or a much needed villain from DK) for two side Mario characters is a resounding no from me.

User Info: Twirlerena

4 weeks ago#53
Waluigi supporter. A member of the WAHrriors!

User Info: Lil_Bit83

4 weeks ago#54
2DS FC tempest 1478 9807 1205

User Info: wynn728

4 weeks ago#55
Personally I wouldn't trade off a requested character for another. I don't care for Banjo but I know that many people wanted him and this is the fans only chance of playing as Banjo again. I will never take that away from... but if we had the option to trade off Incineroar and Piranha Plant I'll hit that Yes button so hard.

User Info: BasedSharah

4 weeks ago#56
Short answer: no

Long answer: hell no
Imagine being too much of a little b**** to even confront me properly in a f***ing type fight, let alone irl.- JinMishima420

User Info: Blayshy

4 weeks ago#57
The poll speaks for itself.
I am pretty sure I know what to do now.
-Sonic Mainer (SSB4) / Link Mainer (SSBU). Hyde/Seth/Linne team (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle), Goku SS/Vegeta SS (FZ).

User Info: MasterLink2012

4 weeks ago#58
No. Waluigi isn't important enough and that weird other character doesn't sound that familiar to me at all, so..

User Info: estejor

4 weeks ago#59
BasedSharah posted...
Short answer: no

Long answer: hell no

Longer answer: hell f***ing no
Longest answer: hell f***ing no, no one except s***posters would

User Info: CrazyDiamondSP

4 weeks ago#60
Blayshy posted...
The poll speaks for itself.
Smash ultimate wishlist: Sora, funky kong echo. Smash dreams come true: Joker, Banjo&Kazooie, Shulk
Nonwanted characters: Geno, Lloyd(alone),Solaire(alone)
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  3. Would you cut K. Rool and Banjo-Kazooie for Waluigi and SMRPG (Geno)?
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