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  3. Do you like the characters from Smash Flash 2 that are not yet in Ultimate?

User Info: PKSaltstorm

4 weeks ago#11
Gargomon251 posted...
No, I don't play fake smash games.

Ignoring the fact that the roster is super tiny, I can see at least 7 newcomers on that screenshot that would be nonsensical or just bad additions.

When will you stop s***posting?

Never said I wanted Goku, I just said I liked him in SSF2
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User Info: LeonMitarashi

4 weeks ago#12
Ooohh so that's why people keep asking for Goku? He does appear in a fan Smash Bros. game.
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User Info: MagnusDJL

4 weeks ago#13
The only character from Mugen Flash 2's roster I care about is Isaac.

User Info: Zero_Suit_Vi

4 weeks ago#14
Well, I wouldn't want the animé characters in the real Smash (even if they are cool to play as in Flash 2), but Bandana Dee is in there so of course!
They also sold me on Issac while I didn't really care about him before
And Sandbag would be a fun WTF character haha
Still hoping and cheering up for my Twilight Princess ! Bandana Dee for the win as well !

User Info: notok

4 weeks ago#15
I like playing the characters exclusive to Smash Flash 2. That said I have neutral opinions on much of the 3rd parties (Black Mage is fun to play as, Lloyd is fun to play but I haven't played any Tales of games, Sora is ok I guess, Bomberman is one of my most wanteds, Tails is cool)
The anime characters are fun but I wouldn't want them in Smash (new jump platform fighter pls)
I don't think I've played as Isaac or Chibi-Robo but I'm always for new 1st party franchises represented in Smash
Waluigi is one of my most wanteds. Bandana Dee is cool
Sandbag is cool but I'd prefer Master Hand
https://imgur.com/a/8F17hbu https://imgur.com/a/YpFSEQX https://imgur.com/a/eYaISaN https://imgur.com/a/jCxlc26
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User Info: Kingslime304

4 weeks ago#16
Do you mean playing them, the characters themselves, or both?

User Info: Hello891011

4 weeks ago#17
I would like Chibi-Robo, he’s one of my most wanteds.

Black Mage is very fun to play as in SSF2, but he would be very different in the official Smash I bet.
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User Info: Kirbulant

4 weeks ago#18
Bandana Dee is my most wanted, Black Mage is cool, I like playing as Isaac, Sandbag is one of my favorite characters, and I like the pixel-art aesthetic. I do have some nitpicks, but I really enjoy the game
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User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

4 weeks ago#19
I've given about half of them a go. Naruto is easily the least fun I've ever had playing a character in Smash, Isaac and Sora are pretty clunky, Chibi-Robo is alright but I think the Side Special is terrible, Bandana Dee's Up Special is way s***tier than it should be but otherwise its fine.
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User Info: squarion

4 weeks ago#20
Kingslime304 posted...
Do you mean playing them, the characters themselves, or both?

Both, and any other thoughts too like wanting them as DLC etc
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