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  3. What Square Enix rep would you want the most?

User Info: Dark_Zoroark

4 weeks ago#51
f*** Sora, by far the dumbest request I've ever seen on this board.
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User Info: Expa0

4 weeks ago#52
Terra out of those. (Assuming you mean the FF6 character)

Though I want to see the Chrono Trigger series repped itself, Crono would just be such a boring pick, I would be far more interest in the prospect of stage and music from the series.
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User Info: LingeringRage

4 weeks ago#53
This victory will soon turn into despair!

User Info: gee_willikers

4 weeks ago#54
Lara Croft>Sora>Crono>Sephiroth>2B>Terra>Neku>Geno

User Info: Wynvkius

4 weeks ago#55
Lara Croft

also can we stop putting Sora in Square Enix polls? He’s Disney’s IP not Square’s and he always wins the poll so his inclusion basically just screws up the whole thing.

User Info: Ninjaed

4 weeks ago#56
Riesz, because her game and Secret of Mana are too good not to get a rep now that Trials of Mana is getting a 3D remake.

Otherwise, Sora since Kingdom Hearts is that huge of a franchise. Female gamers' series of choice tend to be pokémon, zelda and kingdom hearts. Most girls me or my friends have talked to were like that.

And if those two are no-go (especially Sora because Disney and we're talking Square Enix here, regardless of his chances), Terra. I have a good feeling she'd be awesome to play as. I forgot how she played in Dissidia now but I think I liked her there too.
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User Info: Tomasagaz14

4 weeks ago#57
Dark_Zoroark posted...
f*** Sora, by far the dumbest request I've ever seen on this board.
Even when characters like Geno exist?
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User Info: Relinquished

4 weeks ago#58
SeekerA posted...
liberator0714 posted...
Seriously why is Sora so popular? I'm not having a go at KH fans, just a genuine question.

The reason Sora is popular is that he comes from what many think is the best Action RPG series. Now true, not every Kingdom Hearts game has great gameplay but the Sora games tend to have the best action mechanics compared to other characters, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix being the crown jewel of the series.

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User Info: guystarwind

4 weeks ago#59
Crono all the way.
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User Info: UltraDeku

4 weeks ago#60

Neku is a close second
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