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  3. Is it just me or does the classic game get harder the more you play it?

User Info: Oxigen_Waste

4 weeks ago#1
Trying to get the 9.9 challenge done and decided to go the K. Rool route. First attempt was easy as all hell, got to Galleom with 9.8, was careless because I thought it was a done deal and ended up having to use a ticket which meant I got 0 advancement from beating Galleom (supreme bulls***).
Fine, this was pisseasy so I'll just do it again, right? Well, DK (fight before Galleom) was playing ridiculously well so I had to waste a ticket on him, got to Galleom with 9.1, got 0.7 and 9.8 again. Ok, third time's the charm, right?
Now Ganondorf (fight before DK) was playing absurdly well all of a sudden and made me almost have to waste a ticket, but I managed to scrape by and lo and behold, DK is now a near perfect death machine literally hanging from the ledge as soon as the match started and keeping himself there for the duration of the match, he wouldn't chase me or come near me at all. After wasting two tickets and only managing to get DK to about 30% while wasting the tickets, I decided to quit and restart before wasting a third ticket (I'm down to about 6 at this point so this seemed like a bad use for an apparently doomed run).
Okay... fourth attempt, Ganon is now an unstoppable force of nature for some reason, had to use like 5 continues (money) to kill him just to make sure it was even doable, he's acting like an insane berserker.
Fifth attempt now finds Ridley (fight before Ganon) playing entirely too well considering the difficulty is at the 7.8 mark by the time I get to him, making me his b**** and I can barely make it through, meanwhile Ganon remains insanely hard for some reason and I decide to start over yet again.

It's now been 14 attempts and I haven't managed to get past Ridley any single time after the ones described above, he dishes out pain like nobody's business and will not stop attacking for a single damn second unless I use my counter in which case he will immediately stop (getting SNK boss vibes from that particular predicament) and he also manages to dodge and defend about 95% of my attempts at attacking him. Also, Dedede (fight before Ridley) is now way too competent for his intensity and even Bowser (second fight, before Dedede) is behaving entirely too competently for a 5.9 intensity fight.

I've gone and staged 3 vs 1 fights against lvl 9 cpus with Ridley, Ganon and DK several times in the meantime to see if it's just my nerves getting the best of me and while that is a hard ass fight it doesn't come anywhere near the level of insane difficulty that beating Ridley by himself during the classic run represents at the moment.

Am I hallucinating or does the game keep getting harder when you repeat the same classic mode run over and over? I did a run with Ganondorf just to check and even though I only managed to get a 9.7 the game behaved normally so I'm not sure what the hell is going on, tbh...

User Info: DuranmanX4

4 weeks ago#2
It's all in your mind

The only gameplay factor is that the lower the difficulty rating (1.0 to 9.9) generally the easier the challenge

That being said, some characters just have hard routes
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User Info: TX-55

4 weeks ago#3
I never experienced this through playin multiple character routes.

Might try the K Rool route to see for myself.

User Info: Oxigen_Waste

4 weeks ago#4
DuranmanX4 posted...
That being said, some characters just have hard routes

K. Rool's route is pretty damn easy, it's why I chose him for this, actually... every match is a 1 on 1 fight and most stages are perfect for K. Rool's moveset, not to mention that Galleom is by far the easiest final boss out of all of them.

User Info: Master Of Majora

Master Of Majora
4 weeks ago#5
I was under the impression that if you use a ticket before the final fight, you can only reach 9.8 at most?
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User Info: Shoto

4 weeks ago#6
I got 9.9 with Pichu on my first try, you should use try getting it on his route
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User Info: demon_cleaner

4 weeks ago#7
You don't know true pain until you attempt to 9.9 Dark Samus' route.
Actually, I managed to do 9.9 with every character, but it's kind of a pain. K.Rool's is on the easier end, but sometimes the CPU just goes ultra-instinct so you never know.
Just NEVER use counters. The CPU reads inputs, they're never going to fall for it and if anything you will be the one getting punished. (Counters are surprisingly useful against bosses though)

User Info: Tom Wake

Tom Wake
4 weeks ago#8
Master Of Majora posted...
I was under the impression that if you use a ticket before the final fight, you can only reach 9.8 at most?

Yep. If you're going for 9.9 and you die, just quit. Otherwise it's a waste of a ticket.

Once you hit 9.9, it's safe to use them.

User Info: Oxigen_Waste

4 weeks ago#9
Something was definitely up... I restarted my switch and tried again and it was a complete walk in the park. Got that 9.9
Hard to swallow that it was all in my head considering how consistently aggro Ridley was being and now he barely even put up a fight. Go figure.
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