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  3. Why do people leak stuff?

User Info: Felipexbox2

1 month ago#1
Has anyone ever ask yourself or someone this? Why the hell people like to leak stuff? I think because they want to ruin the surprise for people.

User Info: Cameron1058

1 month ago#2
Bomberman was robbed this game, Gdi Nintendo! Bomberman for Smash!

User Info: DiogenesKC

1 month ago#3
erotic thrills
Welcome to the world of idiots.

User Info: Slime

1 month ago#4
because they can and because there is a demand for it
A Slime draws near! Command?

User Info: Darklit_Minuet

1 month ago#5
I want to know who's making it in. If Sakurai doesn't want to tell me, the leakers will. The sooner we get the information, the better.

User Info: Wynvkius

1 month ago#6
People are interested in it. Call the leakers attention whores if you want but there’d be no attention to whore for if people weren’t so ready to give it.

User Info: Seo_the_Hero

1 month ago#7
1. I hate surprises and would rather get leaked the info.
2. I know you're spending half your day looking for Geno leaks (Not gonna happen btw).
3. Just don't intentionally search "Smash ultimate leaks".
Memes Memes Memes Memes Memes Memes Memes Memes Memes Memes Memes Memes

User Info: DisketDance

1 month ago#8
I wish I knew all the DLC characters already, it would make this anxiety stop, and I still would be thrilled from watching the reveal trailers.
If anything, it would make me more hyped for the characters than the constant drought of information we live in.

User Info: IamNori

1 month ago#9
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User Info: WeaverSerawl

1 month ago#10
For Fun, For Glory!
Bertha Hippo for Super Smash Bros. on Switch!
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