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  3. Pick 15 characters for DLC; but none can be Assist Trophies or Spirits.

User Info: SmashBurb

1 month ago#61
Calebtine posted...
1. Wart- SMB 2
2. Tatanga- SML 1
3. Dixie Kong- DKC series
4. Funky Kong (echo)- DKC series
5. Lanky Kong- DK64/BB
6. Pigma Dengar- Starfox
7. Conker the Squirrel- CBFD
8. Ganon-LoZ
9. Din, Farore and Nayru- LoZ Oracle Seasons/Ages
10. Rick, Kine, Coo- Kirby series
11. Dr. Robotnik- Sonic series
12. Heihachi Mishima- Tekken series
13. Scorpion (Sub Zero echo)- Mortal Kombat series
14. Farfetch’d- Pokémon series
15. Sir Arthur- Ghosts and Goblins series

The majority of these are Spirits, lol.
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User Info: Roxas89

1 month ago#62
SmashBurb posted...
Roxas89 posted...
1. Sora (KH)

2. Noctis (FFXV)

3. Azura (FE)

4. Itsuki Aoi (TMS)

5. Crash Bandicoot

6. Jedah Dohma (Darkstalkers)

7. Quote (Cave Story)

8. Ruby Heart (MvC2)

9. Bob (Tekken)

10. Nightmare (SC)

11.Selvaria (VC)

12. Orie (UNIB)

13. Sol Badguy (GG)

14. Athena Asamiya

15. Spyro the Dragon

Azura is a Spirit.

Oops, forgot about that. I'll replace her with Byleth.
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User Info: Calebtine

1 month ago#63
SmashBurb posted...
The majority of these are Spirits, lol.

I don’t care, honestly.

it gets hard to not list a character who isn’t a spirit at this point. There’s so many. I sit listed the 15 that make sense to me.

I should have replaced Lanky with Kefka, though.
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User Info: Cameron1058

1 month ago#64
1. Master Chief
2. Monokuma
3. Dante
4. Taizo Hori
5. Monster Hunter
6. Lloyd Irving
7. Sora
8. Spyro
9. Steve
10. Sans
11. Scorpion
12. Frogger
13. Travis Touchdown
14. Crono
15. Tetris Block

Started running out of good ideas due to the limit
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User Info: xerneas2

1 month ago#65
1.- Crash Bandicoot.
2.- Frisk.
3,- Sol Badguy.
4.- Lloyd Irving.
5.- Dante.
6.- Travis Touchdown,
7.- Laharl.
8.- Byleth.
9.- Doomguy.
10.- Jibanyan.
11.- Scorpion.
12.- Ryu Hayabusa.
13.- Arle Nadja.
14.- Sora.
15.- Geralt of Rivia.

User Info: firedoom666

1 month ago#66
Not sure if I can make it that far. I will try, but most 3rd party characters are s***

1. Phoenix Wright
2. Professor Layton
3. Lloyd Irving
4. The Duke of Gravity
5. Steve
6. Dragonborn
7. Isaac (Binding of Isaac)
8. The Prince of all Cosmos
9. Akira Howard
10. Joanna Dark

Yeah that is about it. After that I would have to start adding silly request like each Team Fortress 2 character
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User Info: samuelflutter

1 month ago#67
1. Crash Bandicoot
2. Travis Touchdown
3. Leon Kennedy
4. Gil (Tower of Druaga)
5. Spyro
6. Sly Cooper
7. Master Chief
8. Crono
9. Boy and his Blob
10. Dart (Legend of Dragoon)
11. Sandslash
12. Bubsy
13. Monster Hunter
14. Ragna
15. Taizo Hori (Dig Dug)

User Info: Super_Sonic_4

1 month ago#68
1. Lloyd Irving -- Tales of Symphonia
2. Yuri Lowell -- Tales of Vesperia
3. Travis Touchdown -- No More Heroes
4. Dante -- Devil May Cry
5. Rayman -- Rayman
6. Crash Bandicoot -- Crash Bandicoot
7. Jin Kazama -- Tekken
8. Ragna the Bloodedge -- Blazblue
9. Ryu Hayabusa -- Ninja Gaiden
10. Nightmare -- Soulcalibur
11. Byleth -- Fire Emblem Three Houses
12. Zidane Tribal -- Final Fantasy IX
13. Protagonist -- God Eater 3
14. Sora -- Kingdom Hearts
15. Therion -- Octopath Traveler
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