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  3. Canonically, how strong is your most wanted/s?

User Info: Tomasagaz14

1 month ago#1
How strong? - Results (135 votes)
Around Street level
20% (27 votes)
Around Mountain level
5.93% (8 votes)
Around City level
16.3% (22 votes)
Around Country level
7.41% (10 votes)
Around Continent level
11.85% (16 votes)
Around Planet level
11.85% (16 votes)
Around Star level
5.93% (8 votes)
Around Solar System level
2.96% (4 votes)
Around Galaxy level
1.48% (2 votes)
Around Universal level
16.3% (22 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Your Most Wanted is in Peak.
For my most wanteds:
Phoenix: Going by canon and not MVC he is a Street tier.
Bandana Dee: Country level because Megaton Punch.
Terra Branford: Should be over City level because things like Meteo and Ultima.
Paper Mario: Peak Paper Mario is the one from SPM with Pure Hearts, easily beyond Universal.
Soma Cruz: Not really measurable, best feat is defeating the Primordial Chaos, but is hard to measure that feat.

Official Mr. Who Would Win.

User Info: Ravio-of-Lorule

1 month ago#2
Crash is around street to building level.
Official Ravio of the Smash Bros. Ultimate Message Board
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User Info: stinkycat

1 month ago#3
Jibanyan cant even stop a truck
The names Woody Wiiiiiiiild Woody

User Info: firedoom666

1 month ago#4
I think Chibi-Robo is below street
The Duke of Gravity in Smash Bros Big Brother!
Chibi-Robo for Smash Ultimate! SmashBurb was right about the number of Stages!

User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

1 month ago#5
What the hell do any of these mean.

Well, anyway...

Niiue is probably like Street to Mountain.
Dante is City to Country, maybe higher.
Cole is, depending on the circumstances, Street to Planet level.
Jack is City to Country.
Barry is Street to Mountain.

I'll just vote Mountain.
Official Honey Dakimakura of Smashfaqs
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User Info: Lyncario

1 month ago#6
Reimu is outerversal by hurting Clownpiece at leak. Even without that, there's 5D scaling and multiversal + feats in Touhou. And that's discounting Fantasy Nature, an attack that not even nigh-omnipotent beings can stop.
My weab power is greater than yours

User Info: Knuxdontchuckle

1 month ago#7
goose is a universal power. he stole the infinity gauntlet.
i'm the fighting freak knuckles. tough as nails. unlike sonic i don't chuckle.

User Info: Zero_Suit_Vi

1 month ago#8
Midna at peak have to be around City-Country, the Elderlich form was hella powerful after all, and we don't really know the power of her True Form, but combining the two ... I do think she could pretty much destroy an entire City, and maybe Country if she wanted
Still hoping and cheering up for my Twilight Princess ! Bandana Dee for the win as well !

User Info: DiogenesKC

1 month ago#9
marina liteyears can physically grab, invert, and weaponize abstract concepts: https://youtu.be/lfX17LduTvQ?t=45
...though that's a deliberately trippy battle against a weird monolith and it's arguable how much of it is "real".

she can definitely swing around a megazord like it's a toy, though, which is still pretty good: https://youtu.be/Htx8olBbjzk?t=116

Tomasagaz14 posted...
Paper Mario: Peak Paper Mario is the one from SPM with Pure Hearts, easily beyond Universal.
Welcome to the world of idiots.

User Info: Digitarch

1 month ago#10
I'll say Doom Slayer is planet level.

He might not be able to destroy a planet, but there sure as Hell wouldn't be anything left on it by the time he was done.
Some jerk formerly known as 'Majora999'.
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