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  3. What is your opinion on shantae?

User Info: DuranmanX4

4 days ago#41
FaustodeLuna posted...
For anyone else that don't share my opinión, i invite you to try one of her games (Half Genie Hero is a good choice to start with), they are pretty good.

I 100% every mode of HGH and Pirate's Curse


still don't see why people want her
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User Info: BasedZamasu

4 days ago#42
Never played her games. Wouldn't mind her.
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4 days ago#43
SmashBurb posted...
WHATZITUYA posted...
DuranmanX4 posted...
key phrase "if they wanted to"

the characters are spirits because they don't want to

...Because only the Fighter Pass planned by the time they were done with the base game. With a limit there was priorities to consider and consolations to hand out.

Shantae was not only one of the last spirits to be added. WayForward happened to be the only third party not represented with a fighter or an assist trophy that snagged a Smash Tag Icon. I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch in case she's a Mii Costume. At the same time, assuming that Shantae can't or even won't be a full fledged fighter is just as unwise at this point.

The idea that they'd make Shovel Knight an Assist Trophy but not Shantae, and then go on to make Shantae a fighter but not Shovel Knight, is f***ing stupid, I'm sorry.

Their respective statuses as far as in-game content goes makes it quite clear that Sakurai and company believe Shovel Knight is a more valuable IP, and if either of them were to get in, Shovel Knight would've been the one.

Had it ever occurred to you that Shantae would have been much more complex as an Assist Trophy? Or that Shovel Knight is not as consistently demanded, unlike the misinformation that you've been spreading around that Shantae peaked during the ballot for own agenda?

P.S. Calling people "f***ing stupid" followed by an insincere apology? Really?
My Smash most wanteds: Shantae and Crash Bandicoot
(edited 4 days ago)

User Info: Ranticoot

4 days ago#44
I first heard of her around the time they were previewing Risky's Revenge, had been meaning to play the games for a while but didn't actually do so until last year. Fun series, they aren't perfect, but they are fun and have great soundtracks. Jake Kaufman is second to Yuzo Koshiro for being my game music hero. Seven Sirens is one of my most anticipated titles right now. I like that they seem to be going back to a more Metroidvania-like direction with somewhat faster gameplay. Half-Genie Hero was a solid, but not great, game and this one looks a little more like Pirate's Curse. Like.

Hate talking about her in a Smash context; however she has for at least a year been my second most wanted after Crash.
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User Info: Reno_Ragestar

4 days ago#45
I have no f***ing clue who she is.

User Info: MetaKirb7

4 days ago#46
Reno_Ragestar posted...
I have no f***ing clue who she is.
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User Info: Izzy0585

4 days ago#47
I enjoyed the first game and the third game. Never got the chance to play the fourth. The second one for some reason doesn't stand out to me.

I don't have an issue if she joins, but I think of several dozen others I'd take first.
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User Info: Reno_Ragestar

4 days ago#48
MetaKirb7 posted...
Reno_Ragestar posted...
I have no f***ing clue who she is.
Dis chick


No, I know what she looks like but I have no f***ing clue who she is.

User Info: AarturoSc

4 days ago#49
Small fry character that isn't even that big in its own niche (Shovel Knight and Undertake are bigger indie icons).
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User Info: Gigaraver

4 days ago#50
Geminosity posted...
Played her games and wouldn't mind her.
Wouldn't go so far as to say I want her, but if she got on the roster I'd definitely buy her fighter pack and play as her.

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