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User Info: Linkisahero

4 weeks ago#1
As in, a character a lot of people want/request, but you would react with anger or apathy if it got into Smash.

Mine's Sora, I just could never get into his games.

User Info: NintenEdgymaan

4 weeks ago#2
I also don't want Sora

User Info: DiogenesKC

4 weeks ago#3
honestly most of the ones that have been super-hyped i could hardly care less about
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User Info: Down_B_Counter

4 weeks ago#4
I wouldn't be angry with any character, what would the point be?

Anyways, I wouldn't be excited for Geno. Cool for his supporters that he's in, but I don't find his design interesting.
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User Info: LeonMitarashi

4 weeks ago#5
It wouldn't anger me exactly, but Minecraft Steve and Dante are two highly requested characters I never cared about and their inclusion would be anything but hype to me. For one, Steve looks boring and I feel he would kinda be like a watered down Link from what I've seen.
And Dante, I can name at least 5 Capcom characters who deserve inclusion before him (and that's without counting the 2 Capcom franchises with playable fighters already in Smash).
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User Info: Lord__Xander

4 weeks ago#6
Geno. Never understood the requests, especially after Mii gunner was added since they do everything Geno would

User Info: Untouch

4 weeks ago#7
Geno honestly only feels like a "well the other fanbases got their character we want ours too!" request to me, a lot of his popularity seems to stem from the fact he ISN'T in.

User Info: RaidedGamer42

4 weeks ago#8
Lord__Xander posted...
Geno. Never understood the requests, especially after Mii gunner was added since they do everything Geno would

User Info: SneakyPebbles

4 weeks ago#9
Dixie Kong.

I seriously can't think of a more boring pick. Its Diddy, but with a personality of "tee-hee, I'm a girl"

Geno's a bad pick, but at least he's cool and would have his impossibility as something pretty hype
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User Info: l33t_iRk3n_Rm33

4 weeks ago#10
Your most wanted
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