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  3. Did your most-wanted(s) made it to Smash and who is it/are they?

User Info: DKkrew

4 weeks ago#71
Yes, and they are:
King K Rool
King Dedede

User Info: Crums44

4 weeks ago#72
Yes because Banjo was one of them, but No for Isaac being playable. Still thrilled he's back as an AT at least. Was quite devastated that he got shafted in 4.
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User Info: Hemerukio

4 weeks ago#73
Does Joker count if I didn't know I wanted him/he was even possible to be in until after his reveal? Because that.

Other than that, if Emiya ever gets into Smash as a playable character it becomes my favorite game of all time officially and I will devote my life to it. @ me if he or Saber ever gets confirmed, and I will follow through on my road to becoming EVO grand champion.
Emiya belongs in Smash Ultimate.

User Info: RandomEncounter

4 weeks ago#74
Every Smash game has put some characters I like, but this was the first time I actively rooted for some characters to get in. I wanted Isabelle, Incineroar, Slime (Dragon Quest), Sans, and Jibanyan. At some point, I decided I'd be happy with Erdrick instead of Slime. So, thus far, I got three out of five characters I wanted in the game, and a fourth one technically got in as an excellent Mii costume. So the only one that's left is Jibanyan. I wouldn't mind if he doesn't make it, though. I've got a lot already.

Oh, I also kind of wanted Terry, but not as much as I wanted other characters. Even then, I'm happy he's in, and can't wait to play as him!

User Info: quintonshark163

4 weeks ago#75
anyone else?
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User Info: blissfuldissona

4 weeks ago#76
Ridley was my most wanted since Melee so yes.
I also speculated about a Castlevania character inclusion for years with friends, Simon and Richter getting in before bomberman won me $20.

Now my most wanted is Scorpion and Danté. I doubt we will get a mortal kombat rep, but I am not as sure about Danté.
-Official Scorpion of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate-

User Info: Totes-My-Boats

4 weeks ago#77
Yup, Ridley
NNID: BeticChris

User Info: Kaihedgie

4 weeks ago#78
Shadow and Krystal didn't make it, so no. Wolf and Sonic however, were ones I wanted back then

I've always wanted a character who could shapeshift a lot and Corrin and Inkling pretty much scratch that itch for me
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User Info: SupaSmashBruduh

4 weeks ago#79
Banjo and Kazooie, Ridley, K. Rool, they’re all here. Just waiting on Geno now but I’m prrrreetty happy!

User Info: Tom4string

4 weeks ago#80
No, i wanted bandana dee, i dont have much hopes , but GameXplain arguments are really stupid.
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