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User Info: Crimson_Squid

6 days ago#31
Poke Ball (3) - 500 Rupees: Summon a random terrifying pocket-dwelling monster to fight on your behalf for a few turns in battle!

Dragoon Part C (1) - 2,500 Rupees: One of a set of three parts that make up the ultimate weapon! Any individual part admittedly has... limited application, but Beedle assures you that acquiring all three parts will form an incredible weapon that can one-shot most anything!

Ore Club (1) - 2,500 Rupees: A massive club that harnesses the power of the wind to send tornados spinning at your opponents! Unfortunately, it only has the power to send out five tornados, but the club itself will stick around as long as you like after, so use it to bash your enemies senseless!

Super Scope (1) - 2,500 Rupees: Fire a barrage of smaller energy blasts at your opponents! Or charge it up to fire a few large blasts! Your choice! Just keep in mind that it'll run out eventually, you just won't be sure when! Not even Beedle would know!

Mushroom (1) - 1,500 Rupees: Feeling a little self-conscious about your particularly diminutive stature, valued customer? Take a mushroom and grow at least twice in size!

X. Write-in what to buy.


1. Olimar
1a. Pikmace
1a1. Red Pikmin
1a2. Yellow Pikmin
1a3. Purple Pikmin
1a4. White Pikmin
1a5. Rock Pikmin
1a6. Winged Pikmin
1b. Recording Device
1b1. Lifelight (as sung by Peanut)
1b2. Iago’s Death
1b3. Falcon Vs. Kraid
1b4. Larry "Chatting"
1e. Gun (Bullets x 2?)
1f. Dried Mushroom x 1
1g. Pamphlets x 38
1h. Phantom Hourglass x 5
1i. 5,000 Rupees
1j. Bullet Bill x 2
1k. Pokeball x 1
1l. Jetpack x 1

2. Skree
2a. Suck Life Force
2b. Carry

3. Boney
3a. Bite
3b. Sniff
3c. Round Bomb
3d. Square Bomb
3e. Magnesis
3f. Stasis
3g. Cryonis Pillar
3h. Cryonis Ball
3i. Flight
3j. Camera
3ja. Vinebeck w/Falco
3k. Pokeball x 1

4. Vinebeck
4a. Ptooie
4b. Poison Breath
4c. Piranha Copter
4d. Long-Stem Strike
4e. Prickly Swing
4f. Chomp
4g. Fire Breath
4h. Pokeball x 1

5. Doc Louis
5a. Right Hook
5b. Left Hook
5c. Straight Lunge
5d. Jolt Haymaker
5e. Rising Uppercut
5f. Slip Counter
5g. Star Punch x 0
5h. Infinite Chocolate Bar Supply

6. Captain Strong
6a. Baton Whack
6b. Taser
6c. Submission Hold
6d. Stop!
6e. Lose Temper
6f. Barricade
6g. Pistol (Bullets x 0)
6h. Super Ultra Mambo-Tango-Foxtrot Martial Arts
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User Info: Birdbrain

6 days ago#32
How would we get Dragoon Parts A, B, or C?
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Birdbrain posted...
How would we get Dragoon Parts A, B, or C?

I'm gonna have Olimar beat the final boss by hitting them with a dragoon part like its a newspaper and the enemy is some stray animal.
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User Info: Blaizeus

6 days ago#34
I think the dragoon part is a wise investment

Sorry for less interaction this chapter, theres people much more suited for these punchout choices then me. I do like reading the posts alot still though!
Arguments are good.

User Info: Birdbrain

6 days ago#35
Let's buy a Dragoon Piece

Assuming Beedle gets more, spending 7.5K on an almost Insta-kill nuke is a good investment
Author of the CYOA: Waluigi's Pirate Quest and a CYOA enthusiasts. Ping/DM me if you want me to check out a CYOA as I may track it.

User Info: jkid101094

6 days ago#36
Agree with the sentiment.
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Dragoon Piece.

User Info: EpicSnailMan

6 days ago#38
Colette-Brunel posted...
Dragoon Piece.

Sounds fair
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User Info: Inf1ltrated_

6 days ago#39
EpicSnailMan posted...
Colette-Brunel posted...
Dragoon Piece.

Sounds fair
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User Info: Crimson_Squid

5 days ago#40
X. What you said.

"I'll take the Dragoon Piece C." Olimar said, handing over half his Rupee stash to Beedle.

"THAAAAANK YOU!!" Beedle cried. "Beedle hopes to see you again! Though Beedle suspects he won't be seeing one of you a second time." He nodded somberly towards Captain Strong before turning around and trudging off into the wilderness, backpack swaying in the breeze atop him.

"Welp, guess we're gonna have to make the walk all the way to Kakariko." Doc Louis said. "Good thing I packed plenty of chocolate!"

"Yeah..." said Olimar. "We don't have to walk."


The party came flying down upon the entrance to Kakariko Village. Olimar took the Winged Pikmace. Captain Strong hitched a ride on Boney. Vinebeck used copter tactics. And Skree lifted Doc Louis the entire distance.

"Aw, man!" Doc Louis breathed with relief after being set down. "That was terrifying! I ain't EVER gonna agree to that again."

"Where's the gym?" Captain Strong asked gruffly.

"Relax, Cap!" Doc said. "We'll head there and start training. But I want to give the others a quick little tour of the town, let 'em keep themselves occupied until it's time to start with the fights."

The group made their way into Kakariko Village; the first thing Olimar noticed was that there was a kind of natural beauty to it all. A natural beauty that had been constructed on top of with gaudy-looking architecture, flashy signs, graffiti, and a general aura of sketchiness. Olimar noticed that everywhere he looked, there was this same image of an eye with a teardrop... except the whole image seemed to be flipped upside-down.

"This isn't quite what I expected." Olimar said.

"Yeah, well, it used to be a lot different." Doc Louis explained. "Used to be that a group called the Sheikah lived here. They were known for being insanely advanced - you know, technologically - at some point or another, but they eventually swore it off and decided to live in a quaint little village here in peace. Some of the Sheikah didn't agree with this lifestyle choice and defected, forming the Yiga Clan. They ally themselves with Ganon. And I think there was something about the Yiga feeling betrayed by some former King of Hyrule or something. Who can remember all that ancient stuff? Anyway, Ganon's rule hasn't been kind to the Sheikah. Some have been killed, some have gone into hiding, some have been made into slaves. Now the Yiga run the show."

"This place looks... unlawful." Captain Strong observed.

"That's exactly what it is, Cap." Doc confirmed. "Speaking of unlawful; see that building over there? That's a bar; it's also a front for obtaining performance-enhancing potions. That's where they get the real money from. I don't know how many fighters actually use their stuff, but they've managed to stay in business."
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