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  3. Who's your least favorite user's most wanted?

User Info: Dongulous

3 weeks ago#31
Alvin, the leader of the New Valver Heroes
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User Info: Winturwulf

3 weeks ago#32
I wouldn't know because my least favorite users are on ignore.
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User Info: JoojToranja

3 weeks ago#33
by their username, I think it's Geno
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User Info: M_Jackson007

3 weeks ago#34
Can't say I have a least favorite user. Well, that could be cause I forget usernames quickly and not too many people have attacked me directly. In fact it wasn't even really me, but a character I was talking about.
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User Info: CyberKitten05

3 weeks ago#35

User Info: Game_Facts96

2 weeks ago#36
God, what if there's more than 1? Bandanna Dee.... Akechi.... b**** baby Isaac....

User Info: Ka-Beewm

2 weeks ago#37
It hasn't even been a day and I already hate Tracer
But to be honest, she was really annoying before hand, being stupid fast and her shrill cockney is really hard on the ears, so having her in Smash would be terrible, but also terrific because I have a new punching bag to maul
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User Info: Zakawer3

2 weeks ago#38
My least favorite user is that Meme-Man3 guy, and his most wanted character was Daisy, but now that she's in, I don't think he has a most wanted anymore since she's his favorite character of all time.
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User Info: Game_Facts96

2 weeks ago#39
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