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  3. Does your most wanted have a chance of getting in Smash?

User Info: Kingslime304

4 weeks ago#31
Not really for Elise, and Sakura Unless they add one of them as a joke/weird pick a bit similar to Piranha Plant, but the fanbase is gonna hate her anyway, and Sakurai is worried of FE reps, so it won’t happen

Maybe Ayumi Tachibana, since times have changed, and he might pick her as a future retro rep, but still not exactly counting on it.

User Info: imkindafunny

4 weeks ago#32
RIP Fwiffo. :<
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User Info: LeonMitarashi

4 weeks ago#33
My MW is kind on a gray area. His inclusion in this (or shall I say future Smash game) will depend if Sakurai will allow more than one non-echo fighter in a 3rd Party one day.
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User Info: JarodLH

4 weeks ago#34
Yes, Jibanyan does have a chance.
A very, very, small chance.
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User Info: Antike

4 weeks ago#35
King K. Rool gang

User Info: Ka-Beewm

4 weeks ago#36
I'm not too sure if Crash could get in he probably won't but I hope he does
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User Info: Lyncario

4 weeks ago#37
Reimu and Phœnix still have a small chance, all others are dead.
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  3. Does your most wanted have a chance of getting in Smash?
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