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  3. Sakurai aims a silencer to your head: "add another stealthy character"

User Info: ZenithianHero

3 weeks ago#11
Rhythm Thief!
I want a sequel to this so much, having a cameo at least gives me hope.

EDIT: Why do we keep putting Sony characters in polls? I thought this board hated Sony IPs and for a week or two they are one of the most popular here.
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User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

3 weeks ago#12
There are three picks that immediately come to mind.

Raiden, who isn't here, Big Boss, who also isn't here, and Spy.

LilySodachi posted...
The Spy, or TF2 content as a whole, is literally impossible in Smash but damn do I dream about it.

Of these, Ezio and Sam would also be great. Matthew too but less so since he's from Fire Emblem, and Elibe at that which already has a character, although I am biased towards the guy so I'd be cool with it.
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User Info: Linkisahero

3 weeks ago#13
Dustycadet158 posted...
Ryu Hayabusa.

User Info: 1499

3 weeks ago#14
Is it a gun with a silencer attached or just a silencer?

I almost chose Sly Cooper but decided TF2 spy was better.
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User Info: GrooseKirby

3 weeks ago#15
I thought TF2 fans wanted Heavy.
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User Info: closeyourzipper

3 weeks ago#16
I love Matthew a lot but I don't think he's a popular enough FE character to get a spot, not to mention my most wanted for FE is either Ephraim or Byleth, or, if I was lucky, Dimitri...who will never happen.

I think Sly would be a great addition! He fits right in!
Phantom R would probably be more likely though.
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User Info: firedoom666

3 weeks ago#17
Joanna Dark
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User Info: OrcGoblin

3 weeks ago#18
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3 weeks ago#19
Spy is unironically, my favorite TF2 character.
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User Info: Smashyboi02

3 weeks ago#20
SmashHype is back!
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  3. Sakurai aims a silencer to your head: "add another stealthy character"
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