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  3. For the male users here, do you play as female characters on the roster?

User Info: Dusonix

2 months ago#11
I just play who I like. I usually use the orange inkling alt when I play them because I think it’s the best design for inklings. Wish they had the headphones as well, would complete it for me.

User Info: Gametronics

2 months ago#12
Yeah, my main is ZSS since smash 4. I don't see anything wrong for a guy to play as a female fighter. Going by that logic, it would seem wrong if women pick male fighters to play as.

Then again, I never really cared what people think. I still destroy with ZSS.

User Info: coconutarmy1

2 months ago#13
I do a mix. It's all about what moves they have. Like... I don't like ZSS, but I like Inkling. The moves fit me better.
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User Info: redred17

2 months ago#14
VeridisQuo posted...
I don't think anyone over the age of 15 has ever thought. "Pfft. No way dude. I don't wanna play as the girl!"

Ive worked at Gamestop once every two weeks for quite a while for collecting and the discount, and you'd be surprised how wrong you are. The stigma is very alive and real, and I feel like it's far more common in older demographics than younger. 2K20 is adding WNBA this year, and the amount of vitriol I've experienced from people 30+ over the decision is embarrassing to say the least.

User Info: wolfxslash

2 months ago#15
Yes I do and no I won't tell you who

User Info: IamNori

2 months ago#16
Out of the females, I spend the most time playing Lucina and Inkling.

Cybersai posted...
Do you feel a stigma playing as a girl especially online if you're male in real life?

What? No.

Cybersai posted...
Can you play as Peach, Isabelle, Zelda, Samus, etc?

What? Yes.
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User Info: PlasmaCannon

2 months ago#17
It's been my preference to play female characters in games since Super Mario Bros 2. In regards to Smash I'll play almost anyone though I gravitate to my mains first.
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User Info: MarioFan632

2 months ago#18
Yeah, I like playing as female characters more than male characters. I play as every female character except for Samus, Dark Samus, Daisy, Sheik, Lucina, and female Corrin. Daisy is the only female character that I dislike, the others are fine.
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User Info: PacificFun

2 months ago#20
Wii Fit Trainer and Default Mii Gunner.
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