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User Info: Dbomb

4 weeks ago#1
Which one is better? - Results (30 votes)
Smash Kirby
33.33% (10 votes)
Kirby Smash ability(rtdl, robobot)
66.67% (20 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Which one feels/looks better?
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User Info: Dbomb

4 weeks ago#2
Poll ends in 5 hours
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User Info: NE_OC

4 weeks ago#3
Honestly, Smash Kirby.

Return to Dreamland and onwards are all excellent games, but in them, Kirby feels slow as molasses to the point running doesn't feel all that different from walking. It's kinda boring to control

Now, I'm more than aware that Kirby has issues getting into his opponents in Smash, but he feels so much better to play as.
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User Info: LeonMitarashi

4 weeks ago#4
It kinda bothers me that you didn't list the Kirby game that ability originally debuted, Amazing Mirror.

Anyways, I will go with Smash Ability. That s*** was so useful and even kinda op in AM. Not too sure about the other two games as I barely used it.
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User Info: Metagross15

4 weeks ago#5
Is Smash in RTDL?

User Info: Lyncario

4 weeks ago#6
Smash ability, mainly because you can use it to the fullest extent in Kirby games, as Kirby isn't a low-tier with extremly commital moves in his own games.
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