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  3. What are some characters that have a chance that nobody ever discusses?

User Info: Spikyschlong

4 weeks ago#1
Post 'em

User Info: Heart-ThROB

4 weeks ago#2
Spring Man.

It's always, "But they'd never add Spring Man over [my favorite ARMS character]."
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User Info: Spikyschlong

4 weeks ago#3
isn't he an assist?

User Info: TomNook

4 weeks ago#4

Only Yarn Poochy got a spirit.
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User Info: soliantu

4 weeks ago#5
I still think Ragna has just barely enough of a chance to be worth considering, but nobody talks about him.
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User Info: Samurai_Flynn

4 weeks ago#6
SoulCalibur rep.

User Info: Already_in_Use

4 weeks ago#7
Literally any 1st Party.

User Info: SomeBlindGuy

4 weeks ago#8
Any Tekken rep, surely it can't be too hard to put a Fighting Game character in a Fighting Game.
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User Info: Izzy0585

4 weeks ago#9
The ST Falcon from Battle Clash / Metal Combat. I'm serious. It's a first party Nintendo series for SNES that requires the use of the Super Scope to play. We already have the NES Zapper representative, and while the Super Scope itself is an item in the game, a character does not represent the followup phase of the light gun series of Nintendo games (unless people want to be really trivial and consider Yoshi one due to Safari.)

The other Super Scope games outside of those three are either licensed games (like Terminator) or from companies that have gone bust or mostly bust, like Kemco or Taito, but this one I would think has potential as another Ice Climbers type reveal, it was both developed and published directly by Nintendo. It's never discussed, and robots are not shy of being on the cast -- like Duck Hunt having the player (huntsman) as a silent character, the player is also a silent character as you are the marksman inside the mecha helping the protagonist, Mike Anderson avenge his father's death. It'd be an interesting pull from Nintendo history.

This is, of course, in general, for the future should there be a future, and not for the fighter pass.
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User Info: Unexpected128

4 weeks ago#10
The Chosen Undead. I think he's actually the most likely newcomer. I'm very surprised not many people bring him up.
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  3. What are some characters that have a chance that nobody ever discusses?
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