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  3. Pick one of these popular non-Nintendo characters for the final DLC slot

User Info: Huhlosers

1 month ago#11
I only care about Shantae (who I voted) and Reimu (who isn't even on the poll).
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User Info: MrVaidd

1 month ago#12
ive never even thought about a bloodborne hunter. would be interesting in how he and the monster hunter would compare on a css.
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User Info: Savas

1 month ago#13
This means WAR!

User Info: DuranmanX4

1 month ago#14
Hunter for a Sony rep
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User Info: coder2121

1 month ago#15
Honestly could see either Sora or Shantae showing up. Maybe both
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User Info: Dongulous

1 month ago#16
Out of all of these, I would say Geno. He's the only character on there I care for.
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User Info: The_shoemaker

1 month ago#17
I would love Sora, but it would be a little weird without Disney, but also a little weird with Disney.

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User Info: __Ryoki__

1 month ago#18
Bloodborne Hunter purely so that this song gets into smash:

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User Info: Geminosity

1 month ago#19
I like Shantae, but...


User Info: SRPGodzilla

1 month ago#20
if you choose the female alts you are weak
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  3. Pick one of these popular non-Nintendo characters for the final DLC slot
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