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User Info: Someguy1006

3 weeks ago#11
It's a continuation of Incineroar's trailer. Incineroar stands victorious over the fighters he fought in his trailer. Incineroar feels a presence behind him and we get a glimpse of a man in a grey suit with black hair.

Suddenly, Incineroar attacks the man behind him and it's revealed to be Kiryu. As Incineroar attacks Kiryu performs the Komaki Tiger Drop.

The tagline appears and says 'Kiryu is ready for a brawl!'. I'm not creative enough to come up with a good one.

It then cuts to gameplay and shows the new stage. Eventually Kiryu start to lose his fights.
It cuts to black then 'Kiryu-chan!' Is heard.

Then the next bit of gameplay is shown off. It shows Kiryu's shirtless alt and his move 'Majima Everywhere'. Basically, Kiryu places down an object like a traffic cone and Majima bursts out of it and attacks.

After gameplay is shown it cuts back to the boxing ring and shows that Kiryu beat Incineroar. Then he's surprised by Majima like at 0:14 of this video:


The trailer then ends and Kiryu is added to Smash banner with Majima appearing like how Slime appears with DQ Hero.
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User Info: CuterChihuahua2

3 weeks ago#12
Ashley is reading a book in her mansion. The tagline "Ashley is in." appears. Trailer ends.
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User Info: KaijuKing97

3 weeks ago#13
CuterChihuahua2 posted...
Ashley is reading a book in her mansion. The tagline "Ashley is in." appears. Trailer ends.

Be kind of a boring trailer.
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User Info: GlassCannon

3 weeks ago#14
The camera pans in to the New Donk City Hall stage, and moves up to the top of the building. Captain Toad walks around the corner in search of treasure when a gust of wind blows him off of the ledge. He lands on top of his backpack, which breaks his fall. As he tries to get up, Bowser's shadow begins to loom over him. Bowser lets out a fierce roar as Captain Toad springs to his feet. Bowser begins to run towards him, but Captain Toad pulls up a switch on the ground and a tall platform lifts him up, outside of King Koopa's reach. Captain Toad begins to chuckle as Bowser tries to climb up the platform to no avail. He then begins to pull up turnips and drop them onto Bowser down below. After being hit with a few turnips, Bowser turns around and walks away in a huff.

Captain Toad explores the foreground!
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User Info: PeridotEX

3 weeks ago#15
Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede are fighting Galacta Knight. He makes quick work of Kirby and Meta Knight, and comes in to finish Dedede off. Just before he lunges his lance into Dedede, he gets hit by a thrown spear. Galacta and Dedede both look to see who it was that threw the spear. He jumps out of the sky, with the tagline "BANDANA DEE CLAIMS HIS PRIZE!"
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User Info: Nergigante

3 weeks ago#16
"RAWR" says Rathalos as he's swooping in on the RPG characters Cloud, Corrin, Shulk and Pit.
"GRRR" says Bowser, shooting flames at them from the other end.
"YAAAY" proclaims Ridley, trying to deal the final blow on the fire filled battlefield.
"DUU DUUU", the hunting horn sounds off in the distance, and a massive Wind Slash causes the attacking monsters to stagger and back off for a moment.
"MONSTER HUNTER IS ON THE HUNT", the splash card annonuces the new fighter!
Proof of Hero is playing while the gameplay showcase is happening.
Stage has monster cameos and Palicos helping out as well.
Cut back to the aftermath, Hunter is making Well Done Steaks, and the classic Spit Jingle plays.

User Info: MariowiiX

3 weeks ago#17
After a trailer for a new Mario spin-off game that has him, what happens to Waluigi is what happened with the Inkling girl.
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