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User Info: KaijuKing97

3 weeks ago#1
It can be anyone, you just gotta describe what their trailer would be. Here's mine:

We enter on a darkened corridor with sounds of battle. Zelda gets knocked back and lands in a crouch in front of several frightened smashers (Inklings, Pichu, Olimar). We see a corrupted Young Link stalk towards them with a Dark Link silhouette trailing him. Zelda is too injured to fight, but defiantly stands between the other Smashers and Link. Young Link raises his sword to cut her down.

Before he can strike, a projectile hits his swords and snaps it in two. More fly at Link, forcing him to jump back as he looks for his attacker. A blue light shines in the darkness, revealing a grinning skeleton.


Cue the showcase set to an arranged version of Megalovania. We see a stage based on The Underground that rotates through major areas of Undertale (Snowdin Town, Waterfall, Hotland, etc)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Undertale.

post credit scene has Sans meet Ness as a reference to Game Theory.
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User Info: gee_willikers

3 weeks ago#2
Lara Croft opens a tomb that's been sealed for ages. Instead of there being a relic or artifact inside, she finds an invitation for Smash. Alternatively she could run into someone like Ganondorf when discovering the Triforce, or save Mario from T-Rex.

However it starts, transition from cutscene to gameplay showcasing her dual pistols, acrobatics, and classic look followed by a showcase of her reboot look, climbing axe, and bow. Also showing things like roundhouse kicks, sex kicks, groin kicks, sliding on the ground towards the enemy and kicking them, jumping on/over/off of enemies and shooting them. Afterwards she gets knocked off the screen as per the Smash formula.

Back to cutscene with her back against the wall and surrounded by villains. When it looks like she's out of options, she pulls out Thor's Hammer, which begins to give off a lot of electricity. Now reinvigorated, she lifts the hammer with both hands and slams the ground with it, electrocuting everyone.

Back to gameplay showing off artifacts and ancient weapons Lara has collected across her journies including:

Thor's Hammer: Lightning shoots from it when she swings it. She can hit people with it, strike the ground and damage anyone in a nearby radius, as well as throw it. Anyone who tries picking it up off the ground would take electric damage from it.
Excalibur: The legendary sword shoots energy orbs in a horizontal pattern when swung
Totec's Spear: She can throw it, and when it hits a wall she can use it as a platform
Spear of Destiny: When equipped it protects her from projectile attacks. Could either deflect or store hits which would be shot back after time
Staff of Osiris: A staff which fires a concentrated powerful laser. Would be similar to ROB's laser or Wario's waft where the longer you wait to use it, the more powerful it is, also the longer it lasts
Trent's Chirugai: A weapon shaped like a discus with blades around the edges that spins horizontally. It sort of has a mind of it's own. When equipped it can be thrown and return or circle around Lara to protect her.

Intermixed in all this would be references to her games like how the do in all character reveals.

User Info: Tarotist

3 weeks ago#3
We will be watching the trailer in first-person view from the character's perspective.

In the first scene, the character is watching from above as Young Link is fighting a corrupted Young Link. Young Link strikes it down and is victorious. He then brings out his bottle of Lon Lon Milk. Just as Young Link is about to drink it, the character zooms into Young Link as if the character was jumping right on top of him. Young Link's eyes widen and begins to scream. The moment when the camera is right up on Young Link's face, the screen goes black.

In the next scene, the character is hiding within the trees watching Villager and Isabelle cutting down trees to take out a group of corrupted characters from below. Isabelle and Villager give each other a high five, and then take out a drink from their pockets. At that moment, the character runs toward them and the camera quickly zooms in on them. Isabelle and Villager see the approaching character with shocked faces, and once again the screen goes black once the character gets close.

The third scene will not be viewed from a first-person perspective this time. Mario, Pit, Marth, and Samus are fighting against more corrupted characters. The fighters are having some trouble, but Mario finds a Fire Flower, Pit an Ore Club, Marth the Killing Edge, and Samus a Super Scope. They use their respective items and defeat the corrupted enemies easily. The group looks at each other and breathe a sigh of relief. All of a sudden, they turn their heads as they hear someone approach. The camera zooms away from the group and pans toward the ground where the character stomps his foot in. As the camera slowly begins to pan up, the character begins talking.

In Japanese...
"What are you idiots doing wasting your time here? You can either run away like the cowardly rats that you are, or you can stay here and die by me. What's it gonna be!?"


Cut to gameplay where you see his attacks and specials as he dominates the entire Smash Bros. cast. He uses Genocide Braver to blast away opponents in his path. He uses an uppercut with super armor that powers through Ganondorf's down air. He gets juggled by Wolf across the stage only for him to grab Wolf and drag him to the opposite side of the stage. And on Big Battlefield, we see Roy, Marth, Zelda, Link, Donkey Kong, and Lucina (representing the characters from his game) approaching him from above, below, and in front of him, and Barbatos uses Poisonic Counter to blow them all away. Chrom approaches him from behind and tries to attack him, but Barbatos uses his Back Snipe counter to teleport behind him on hit and land a grab. We then see him using his signature Mystic Arte when he grabs someone holding an item. Finally, the gameplay trailer ends after Barbatos uses his final smash: World Destroyer.

The video then cuts to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Tales of Destiny screen.

After the gameplay trailer, the video cuts back to the CGI trailer showing Barbatos standing in the middle of a massive crater as he looks around, and every Smash Bros. fighter is lying on the ground motionless. Barbatos then begins laughing manically as the camera zooms away and fades to black.
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User Info: TohruAdachi260

3 weeks ago#4
We open in a small, run-down, dimly lit shop. An old rotary phone can be heard ringing throughout the shop. The camera pans over a desk, and a half-eaten pizza, a pile of envelopes (most of which are stamped with "past due"), and the aforementioned phone can be seen, as well as the feet of a figure currently obscured by the poor lighting, propped up on the desk. The figure lifts one foot up before bringing it down on the desk, sending the phone into his outstretched hand.

"Devil May Cry"

After a moment of silence, the man leans forward and we see that it's Dante (DMC5 design). The man listens for a moment before cracking a smile.

"Well, this sounds like one party I don't want to miss. Consider your invitation accepted."

Dante tosses the phone to the reciever and stands up, grabbing the Devil Sword Dante from the wall and his twin pistols, Ebony and Ivory from the desk before spreading out the envelopes with the barrel of Ivory, quickly seeing the one he's looking for: a white envelope with a red Smash logo. Dante smiles, tosses his arm that's holding Ebony over his shoulder as his splash screen appears and we hear the beginning of Devil Trigger.


Cut to gameplay where we see Dante's moveset consists of attacks from the Devil Sword Dante, Coyote-A, and Ebony & Ivory. We also see some references to Devil May Cry, such as Dante being hit with Ridley's Skewer, only to get back up and taunt him almost immediately. We see that when Dante parries, it has the red flash and sound effect of a Royal Block in the DMC series.

However, the other characters end up overwhelming Dante and taking a stock. We cut back to the CG trailer with Dante on one knee, panting, before he looks up at an approaching Ganondorf, Ridley, Dark Samus, and Incineroar.

"This is getting fun after all."

Dante gets to his feet, holds up one arm, and activates his Devil Trigger, assuming a full demon form. As he does, the Devil Sword Dante splits down the center, revealing the lava-like core and causing four spectral swords to appear behind him.

As it cuts back to gameplay, we see Dante activate Devil Trigger in game. We see the swords following his attacks, though it seems to be more of a visual effect. We also see that his attacks are stronger and that his dash attack specifically is stronger and has more range. We also see his expanded mobility options, as he displays a triple jump, some sort of glide, and we see him air dodge twice in a row, first forward, then backwards. The animation is that of Sky Star. The trailer fades to black with Dante battling several other fighters before a distinctively younger voice cuts in.

"This party's gettin' crazy!"

We see brief clips of gameplay of Dante showing off alt costumes based on his appearances throughout the series, starting with DMC3, each accompanied by battle music from their respective game. From what we see in the trailer, each one has a distinct voice and Devil Trigger design, and use the swords from their game (DMC1 uses Alastor, 2, 3, and 4 use Rebellion with designs based on the respective game, and 5 uses Devil Sword Dante). Finally, we see DMC1 Dante get the smash ball and activate his final smash. Dante spins his pistols on his fingers as he charges them with demonic power before saying "jackpot" and firing. The muzzle flash causes the screen to go white as "Super Smash Bros Ultimate X Devil May Cry" appears on the screen.
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User Info: Optimusskyler

3 weeks ago#5
Not my most wanted, but here.

Smash Logo opening

Dark screen

Suddenly, an assist trophy! Slow but epic zoom in. Fade to black.

Cut to a battle between Wario and Luigi. Insert generic battle animations and sequences here.

With no apparent winner (or ending), a shadow suddenly appears in the background behind Wario before disappearing behind a tree. Wario turns around frantically.

By this point, Luigi noticed too, and now they're both running towards the tree. Waluigi appears from behind the tree and... Knocks them both out, somehow. Star KOs.

Camera behind Waluigi, pointed up at the sky to see Wario and Luigi flying away. A couple of rainbow shards fall out of Waluigi's hand, indicating he broke free of the assist trophy.

Insert random "joins the battle" quote or pun or whatever

Gameplay footage with Waluigi Pinball in the background

The end


I suck at this, don't I?
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User Info: SomeBlindGuy

3 weeks ago#6
Sure I'll give it a go.

We open up on a group of fighters walking through what appears to be a rocky dark blue asteroid in deep space. We zoom in on the fighters and it appears to be Snake, Zero Suit Samus, King Dedede, Wolf, Lucas, and Sonic. Snake and ZSS are walking confidently looking around for something, Wolf is walking slowly behind with his arms crossed, while Lucas is clinging to King Dedede in fear while Dedede trys to confort him, and Sonic is running in circles around the whole group.
Wolf lets out a deep annoyed exhale and walks up to Snake and says "What are we even doing here? The place is clearly abandoned!", Snake then turns and glares before looking away, ZZS tells Wolf "My ship's sensors detected an incredibly powerful presence on this asteroid, there's definetly something or someone here." and then Wolf sighs and starts walking behind the group again.
Sonic runs ahead of the group because he's bored and he runs into a giant cave, and in there he sees a bright light in the cave and goes towards it. He finds a large clear sphere with a smaller darker sphere inside it, and he says "Woah, what kind of rock is this? It doesn't look like any of the Chaos Emeralds..." and then attempts to grab it, but then it cuts back to the group and you hear Sonic screaming in pain as a massive light shines from deep in the cave, this alerts the group and they rush to the cave's entrance.
Snake motions to Wolf and Dedede and quietly tells them "Come on." and they walk into the cave... and the cave starts breaking apart with massive glowing cracks appearing all over it with the sounds of the trio who went in screaming in agony. The cave then explodes and Lucas and ZSS are flung back by the force of the explosion. ZZS gets up and looks at the cave's remains and sees that Snake, Wolf, Dedede, and Sonic have been turned into Trophies. She then helps Lucas up and they notice what looks like a man made of light floating nearby. Lucas and ZSS look at the man in fear and notice he has digital wings and power suddenly starts flowing into him. ZSS turns to Lucas and tells him to run away, which he does. The figure then unleashed a wave of energy that turned ZSS into a Trophy and only knocked Lucas down, Lucas looks back at the man and he approaches Lucas and once again unfurls his wings... then the Splash Card shows up.

Tabuu spreads his Wings!

Tabuu then cracks his knuckles and looks at Lucas as he once again flees in terror. Then Tabuu flies into the screen and the reveal switches to his Gameplay Showcase.
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User Info: MidniteZorua

3 weeks ago#7
Cloud is duking it out with Giga Bowser. At first, he gets some good hits in while dodging, but Giga Bowser gets a good hit in with a claw, which injures Cloud. He can be seen clutching his arm, teeth clenched. Giga Bowser starts to menacingly approach, seeming to spell doom for Cloud. Suddenly, a large shield is thrown at Giga Bowser, stunning him momentarily and saving Cloud. A figure walks over to Cloud and casts a cure spell on him.

The Warrior of Light joins the party!

Torn from the Heavens starts playing, as the Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy XIV) switches his healing staff out for a sword, and he and Cloud charge at Giga Bowser together. From here, it shows gameplay of the Warrior of Light, showing off his moves which all pull from each class in Final Fantasy XIV. Despite using a sword in the CGI trailer, only a few attacks actually use it. A lance, a bow, an axe, daggers, and even a gun and magic are used in a good chunk of his moveset.

As Cloud and the Warrior of Light keep fighting Giga Bowser, it seems that they are in a stalemate. Suddenly, two more Warriors of Light show up (a male elf and a female horned, dragon-like humanoid), and the text "Light Party" shows up on the screen in golden text.

The music changes to Triumph as they continue the fight. It also shows off the Warrior of Light's alternate costumes, consisting of a male and female of four different races in the game (Hyur, Elezen, Miqo'te, Au Ra). It also shows off more of their moveset, as well as them working together. It also shows off the specials in particular. Medica heals the Warrior of Light with a charge, but is also shown to heal an allied WoL in a team match on Umbra Clock Tower. Foe Requiem (a music note projectile from a harp as a Bard) hits Ridley, not making him flinch, but surrounding him with music notes. It is followed up by the Warrior of Light using his recovery move, Dragon Dive, which envelops him in a wreath of flames and dragging Ridley up with him, before suddenly diving back down and creating a fiery shockwave where he lands, launching Ridley off of the left side of Omega Form Mementos. Draw summons forth an Astrologian card, which gives the Warrior of Light a buff depending on the card. Balance (Red) makes the WoL temporarily stronger which is shown by a powerful launch with a Forward Smash (using Overpower; swinging an axe in front of them and creating a shockwave) to launch Incineroar off of the top right area of Hyrule Temple. Bole (Green) temporarily increases defense, shown by the WoL on Castle Siege taking a Ganondorf Doriyah to the face at 0% and just flinching. Arrow (Blue) increases speed, shown by the Warrior of Light's running being faster on the Bridge of Eldin.

Giga Bowser falls. The Warriors of Light and Cloud all perform victory poses together, set to FFXIV's rendition of the iconic Final Fantasy victory theme.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Final Fantasy XIV
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User Info: Ravio-of-Lorule

3 weeks ago#8
Trailer Intro

The camera pans out showing Nintendo's Headquarters and you can hear someone calling out "Hey Plumber Boy Moustache Man, your worst nightmare's arrived!" revealing a man in a Crash costume holding a megaphone.

The camera shifts showing a man in a Mario costume looking at him in the eye and giving him a letter. "Crash" grabs the letter which is revealed to be a Smash invitation.

As Crash does this they both start looking more like Smash characters until you see them both on Battlefield fully changed to their Video Game appearance.

Crash: Goes for a spin!

*Cue gameplay footage*

After Crash uses his Final Smash seen in the gameplay footage Mario gets up and takes Crash's hand leading him to many other gaming icons like Sonic, Mega Man, and PAC-MAN.

Crash closes the trailer with his signature dance, invitation still in hand.
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User Info: Knuxdontchuckle

3 weeks ago#9
metaknight and pit are dueling in the sky. the clanging and sparks coming from their weapons indicate a fierce battle has been thought. the two land on the ground, kneeling, looking at each other while panting. just then the two dash towards each other.

metaknight thrusts his blade inside pit and unleashed a load of attacks on him. one last slash sends pit flying. metaknight is in pursuit. just then, the screen shifts to the clouds below. something is shooting up.

metaknight approaches pit and the screen goes to a first person view of someone or something coming up to the halberd. as metaknight approaches pit, a ping is heard and a figure approaches. zooming in, the figure crashes and burns into the scene, sending metaknight soaring. pit gets up and takes a look at the figure crumpled.

just then he sticks his face out and gives a thumbs up.


then guy get a bunch of clips with goose.
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User Info: Cameron1058

3 weeks ago#10
I’ve already made one for Bomberman, so I’m gonna try something new

Sheik and Greninja are both fighting in what appears to be a forest, at first jumping from tree to tree and tossing their projectiles at each other, but then they reach ground level and begin to clash. As they’re fighting the trailer cuts to someone wearing sandals, jumping from tree to tree. As Greninja throws a giant water shuriken, someone screaming “Rasengan!” is heard as Naruto jumps in front of Sheik and uses his rasengan to break through the water shuriken with ease and soon afterwards Naruto keeps charging forward towards Greninja with the rasengan, then rams it into him, sending him flying off into the distance. Naruto turns around as Sheik gets in a fighting position. Naruto adjusts his headband and says “I’m your opponent now! Believe in!” before his tagline appears

Naruto sneaks in

before using the hand signs use the shadow clone jutsu and shadow clones appear soon afterwards. Then it cuts to gameplay.

I’m too lazy to make a whole gameplay portion to I’m just gonna make the final part. Naruto and sheik are both exchanging hits on Naruto’s leaf village stage. Soon Naruto gets a smash ball and when he uses it he activates Nine tails chakra mode and he stretches his tail forward, hitting Sheik with it. The final smash cuts to a CGI where Sheik is the same area as that the Shinobi War arc happened and Naruto is in his tailed beast mode charging up a bomb. Naruto screams out “Tailed Beast Bomb!” before the bomb gets unleashed, creating a huge explosion that completely engulfs Sheik.

After the gameplay is finished the trailer cuts back to the CGI where Sheik is flung into a tree and lands on the ground, badly injured. The camera faces Naruto and he says “I’m gonna be hokage someday. I won’t let you or anyone get in my way!” before he charges forward with a kunai and slashes it at the screen. The screen gets a white diagonal slash from the cut and soon the white expands and over takes the screen.
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