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  3. Trying to create a decloned Roy moveset. Help me out

User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

4 weeks ago#11
PKSaltstorm posted...
LuisVirgil posted...
Just give him other generic anime sword swings than the ones Marth has.

Haha funni joke

I mean, technically it is valid. If you want to declone Roy but don't have ideas, simply not going for references or gimmicks and just changing his tilts, Smashes, and aerials shared with Marth is an option.
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User Info: startmario

4 weeks ago#12
My ideas for decloning Roy:

- Side-B now uses unique animations and has his Rapier. Uses his Lord (not Great Lord) attack animation for one of the attacks.
- Counter can also work as a reflector similar to Joker, Palutena and K. Rool.
- Up-Air is similar to Ike’s but has faster startup and has a two-handed grip.
- N-Air now covers around him similar to Ike’s and Cloud’s N-Air, now has fire like D-Air.
- B-Air is similar to Mii Swordsfighter, but uses a backhand grip.
- Down-tilt is a swipe similar to Ike, Link and Corrin’s, but is backhanded, uses his old frame data and pops em up similar to Melee
- Down-Smash is similar to Shulk’s but faster.
- Up-Smash is the same but has him crouching (which gives him a smaller hurtbox)
- Forward and Down-Smashes now use Fire and use the Durandal. In addition to this, his Up-Smash now uses the Durandal as well.
- His Final Smash now uses the FE6 health bar
- Ability to wall-jump

User Info: GammaDelta

4 weeks ago#13
What if, instead of having a very similar Side-B to Marth's, Roy had a single sword strike that would also create an extended hitbox made of flames, and those would inflict burn damage over-time to his opponent? Maybe an enemy with the "Burn" status could deal less damage and knockback, too.
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User Info: ToiseOfChoice

4 weeks ago#14
turn Binding Blade into a gunlance

by that I mean have most of his moves be single hits with an optional follow-up explosion (think Link's fsmash)
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  3. Trying to create a decloned Roy moveset. Help me out
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