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  3. Do you even like your main?

User Info: CarrieChan

4 weeks ago#21

User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

4 weeks ago#22
Yes. Lucas, Mac, Shulk, Samus, Dark Samus...

There's like, 2 characters in the game I don't like and technically I don't actually even dislike them I just dislike that they're in Smash, being Doc and ZSS.
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User Info: Danceswithsloth

4 weeks ago#23
honestly i haven't even played half of my main's games which is kinda weird. my mains are Samus, Villager, C falcon, Greninja, King Dedede, and Bowser. Out of those i have played Pokemon, Kirby, and Super Mario. Never played a Metroid, F Zero, or Animal Crossing game in my life.
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User Info: CookieV3

4 weeks ago#24
Including secondaries and tertiaries etc.
Link: yeah. I just wish his HYAAHS were more like Smash 4.

Ganondorf: I like the smug a****** vibe. Goes well with his rage inducing play style.

Ridley: just an absolute savage beast that enjoys stabbing people. I’m down with it.

Kirby: cute thing. I love it.

Dark pit: try hard edgy, pretty selfish. nah.

K. Rool: he’s wacky. That’s all he has going for him.

User Info: nessspampkfire

4 weeks ago#25
are you asking me if i like ness or if i like like ness

cuz one of those things is illegal
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User Info: Speedshocker

4 weeks ago#26
Sonic's my favorite game series and character. My secondaries though, vary greatly.

User Info: ObeseCity

4 weeks ago#27
Snake, Captain Falcon, Palutena, and Lucina I all like as characters. But I’m not super familiar with Richter honestly.
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User Info: ExpendableRound

4 weeks ago#28
Yes, I do find Bowser to be badass overall.
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User Info: RandomEncounter

4 weeks ago#29
I like Jigglypuff because it's cute, but there's not that much more that can be said about it. I still like it though!
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