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  3. Do you even like your main?

User Info: Nightfire2512

2 months ago#11
Link and Young Link: yes

Shulk: yes

Ridley: yes

Richter: I honestly hasn’t played enough of his main game to say. Probably, though, if it’s anything like how he is in Smash.

User Info: HerbieHusk

2 months ago#12
I came into Ultimate knowing I’d main Young Link, Mewtwo, or Pac-Man. I like them all. I’ve found that Pac-Man has the most fun play style in the game and have since mained him. He represents a lot of what I love about gaming and doesn’t represent anything I hate. He’s awesome.

User Info: Megatonez

2 months ago#13
I only main characters that I like. If I hate a character, I won't even play as them.
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User Info: Xx_Ozma_xX

2 months ago#14
I like Ridley's and Inkling's characters very much, yes.
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User Info: hyliangoron

2 months ago#15
yes all of them
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User Info: ThiefKorin

2 months ago#16
I very much enjoy the characteristics and personalities of the characters I play.
Take solace in the fact that Saint Sakurai has blessed me with all my most wanted characters for Smash Ultimate.

User Info: RemixV4

2 months ago#17
I don't really know anything about Ike tbh

User Info: Darkfire12

2 months ago#18
The_Korey posted...
I like Roy as a character. Don't @ me.

Roy is a horrible, piece of s***, dickhead
Roy is a Chrom echo not the other way around doofuses
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User Info: Genyosai3

2 months ago#19
Mac? Yeah dude.

Ok, so, imagine, if you will. You're in a Worldwide Boxing Circuit against contenders who do all sorts of crazy gimmicks, tricks, and attacks. You're a small fry who basically pierced the veil of tricks by just punching them, but you have a trick up your sleeve too...

Your gimmick is to punch them HARDER.

You win. You become world champion, and EVERYONE wants a salty runback! New tricks and all. Still they all fall to those simple yet effective punches of yours.
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User Info: nessspampkfire

2 months ago#20
ness is such a cute boy. i love ness
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