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  3. What if we actually got "Super Smash Sisters"?

User Info: PacificFun

4 weeks ago#1
Take out all of the males and leave the females.
Add newcomers like Nikki, Rhythm Heaven Girl, Dixie Kong, Lyn, Anna, Captain Syrup, Lip and so on. Add third parties like Shantae, Lara Croft, Joule Adams, Reiko Nagase and Kasumi. Add some unique mechanics and a silly story to merit the game's existence.

Don't make the game tounge-in-cheek so the internet doesn't collapse on its self and I think it could work. Basically, a Smash version of SNK Frenzy.

The only issue is it probably wouldn't sell well.
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User Info: Dustycadet158

4 weeks ago#2
Shut up and take my money. >:)
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User Info: ajniN_rebeiB

4 weeks ago#3
the sjw nintendo equivalent to mortal kombat 11. it'll sell well to all the purple-haired feminists who believe in unicorns
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User Info: Ravio-of-Lorule

4 weeks ago#4
It should still have male characters

Smash Bros. has had female characters as far back as Smash 64
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User Info: Nes_Mettaur

4 weeks ago#5
Is Roll playable? This is the make-or-break question.

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User Info: Errorraptor

4 weeks ago#6
Then Anita would be a costume while the Princesses would be dressed like Mario and Link.
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