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User Info: stinkycat

1 month ago#1
but they get a gamefaqs account and becomes the most toxic person on this site

User Info: Cameron1058

1 month ago#2
That’s fine, Bomberman’s in
Bomberman was robbed this game, Gdi Nintendo! Bomberman for Smash!

User Info: Nergigante

1 month ago#3
Ridley would be the type to do that.
Now I'm sad it didn't happen.

User Info: DanaDee

1 month ago#4
Bandana dee is no longer the bandana boy
Bananadanadanadanadanadanabanadanabanadeenabanadoona dana dee for smash Dee-LC - Mods please dont Ban DanaDee https://youtu.be/By5eWitQU8c

User Info: Kirbulant

4 weeks ago#5
Wait, Bandana Dee is CC2?
"Mishun, Compree" - Fox McCloud, 2001
Official Zelda and Mewtwo of the Smashboards

User Info: NefariousCrow

4 weeks ago#6
That wouldn't be too ooc for Infinite
Sonic Duel, a beta Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod that deserves more recognition.

User Info: PK_Water

4 weeks ago#7
You have become the very thing you swore to destroy, Layton.
Everyone's most wanted has things going against them.
Don't let it stop you.

User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

4 weeks ago#8
Okay this is epic.

Niiue becomes evil.
Official Honey Dakimakura of Smashfaqs
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User Info: imnotmark10

4 weeks ago#9
I’ll be joining with Phoenix Wright s***posting “OBJECTION!!!” in every thread lol.
im fat

User Info: stinkycat

4 weeks ago#10
why do my topics keep coming back from the dead
this post has the el stinko seal of quality
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