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  3. "What's with this board's intense hatred for ______?"

User Info: kirbserker

1 month ago#91
ThiefKorin posted...
If the games mechanics were fleshed out a bit more it wouldnt be so bad. But having to slog through a pacifist play through is just so tedious with no real satisfaction of having done it.

I'm not surprised, that kind of thing happens a lot in video games, the only difference is that the game has the "challenge" built in.
Paper is overpowered, but scissors is fine.
-Rock (RenamonFOX)

User Info: Blayshy

1 month ago#92
CrazyDiamondSP posted...
1499 posted...
Here’s the truth

This board doesn’t like anything

I’m fairly convinced some people here don’t even like the game itself

Post one thing everyone on this board likes and someone will be like “wow you’re an idiot for liking that, complete troll, close your account”

I completely believe this to be the case too, what baffles me most is that these people clearly hate the game and yet they are still regulars of this board.
I am pretty sure I know what to do now.
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User Info: The_Hypist

1 month ago#93
satan_puyo posted...
The_Hypist posted...
BOTW, Odyssey, Smash Ultimate, Earthbound, Mother 3

>nintenkiddie games


every single good game in nintendo platforms is either third party or fire emblem pre-awakefates (excluding garbageden and suckred stones)

BOTW is a worse skyrim
odyssey is bing bing wahoo garbage
earthbound and mother 3 were outdone by games a decade or more older than them

only tetris is a true timeless classic from your list

Well, what the f*** are you doing on a Smash board, which is a NINTENDO game?
My waifus are my laifu, no exceptions.

User Info: KoopaDerp848

1 month ago#94
I do stuff, I post stuff, I laugh stuff.

User Info: 1499

1 month ago#95
Shantae: Rabbids Revenge
Official Richter Belmont of the Smash Ultimate Board. https://i.imgtc.com/WG29OED.gif
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User Info: Nergigante

1 month ago#96
I want Nergigante (the monster) to smash me with his big feet (the actual dragon feet).
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