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  3. How THICC is your main?

User Info: Rodostafio

1 month ago#21

Thicc af.

User Info: NefariousCrow

1 month ago#22
"Well hey, just because I'm planning on usurping every monarch on the planet... Doesn't mean we can't occasionally go treasure hunting."
- Crow

User Info: vegabeast

1 month ago#23
Gamertag: PeachBooty: I main the BOOTY youtube.com/c/PeachBootyPoppin
Mains: SSB: Peach / SF: R. Mika / SC: cASSandra / Tekken: Anna / MK: Kitana / SG: Squigly

User Info: grantholomew

1 month ago#24
I main Mr. Game & Watch, that’s about as unthicc as you can get.
Bandana Dee and Elma for Smash...someday...

User Info: MagnificentLink

1 month ago#25
Richter ain't thicc.
Official Funky Kong and Red Ken of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Board. 9/16/18: The day Funky Kong won the Smash Newcomer Royale and asserted his dominance.

User Info: Ice_Dragon14

1 month ago#26
Kirbulant posted...
BoTW Zelda is pretty thicc

But BOTW Zelda isn't in. plus the one we got is better.
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User Info: Kikku_Panchi

1 month ago#27
Game and Watch is pretty thicc on the xy-axis. Don't sleep on the flatlander
Fear and judgments I'll never understand...

User Info: soliantu

1 month ago#28
Pac-Man is so f***ing thicc that he's completely round.
"Until the end" - The citizens of Palmacosta.
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