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  3. Think of any two playable Smash characters.

User Info: DK9292

4 weeks ago#1
They are now a tag team.

What's their team name?
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User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

4 weeks ago#2
Steamed Omelets. Its an Archanean expression.
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User Info: Srk700

4 weeks ago#3
The Super Mario Brothers.

User Info: Ender68

3 weeks ago#4
PlayStation Boys.

Featuring characters hardly found on your local Nintendo console.
Official Joker of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Board.
Ryu Hayabusa for Smash

User Info: Marvelvenim

3 weeks ago#5
The official Pokey Minch of the Smash Ultimate board.

User Info: MkayRose1

3 weeks ago#6
Buddies of the Village Country
(Villager/Isabelle and Diddy)
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User Info: Odyssey382

3 weeks ago#7
Most wanted DLC character: http://tinyurl.com/y29b2saj

User Info: Supersonic_Pain

3 weeks ago#8
Not changing this part until Saki Amamiya (or Isa Jo) gets into Smash as a playable character! Started: January 20, 2018.
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User Info: NefariousCrow

3 weeks ago#9
Blue Bros.
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User Info: AssaultOnSector

3 weeks ago#10
Spiked Flowers!
Bowser and Daisy
Banjo and Earthworm Jim for Smash
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