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  3. Which characters do you forget are in Smash?

User Info: Frosted-cookiee

4 weeks ago#31
Ken, robin, and Diddy kong
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User Info: zumaddy

4 weeks ago#32
I sometimes forget about Daisy and Simon because I run into them a lot less than their Echo counterparts. I also think I've seen one whole Toon Link online since launch.
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User Info: Kaos-Mass

4 weeks ago#33
Rosalina,Sheik,Ryu, and Olimar.
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User Info: LumaRosalina

4 weeks ago#34
Chrom, Rob, Robin, Duck Hunt, Bowser Jr.
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User Info: GammaDelta

4 weeks ago#35
Shulk, although his moveset is pretty cool.
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User Info: MagnumDong

3 weeks ago#36
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User Info: GenericGuy

3 weeks ago#37
I constantly forget Meta Knight is a thing, and Shulk.
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  3. Which characters do you forget are in Smash?
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