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  3. Which characters do you forget are in Smash?

User Info: MagnumDong

4 weeks ago#1
I honestly forget Ridley is in the game a good chunk of the time. I’ll look through the roster and go “oh yeah, Ridley is playable”, then not play as him because he sucks.

Also I remember Richter being in the game more of then than I remember Simon being in for some reason.
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User Info: NefariousCrow

4 weeks ago#2
young link
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User Info: Chaos-15

4 weeks ago#3
I've been cursed with extremely good memory for pointless s*** like this.
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User Info: Daysfastforward

4 weeks ago#4
NefariousCrow posted...
young link

I wish I could forget sometimes. Straight up pain in the butt to fight online.

I always forget about the Bel Monts too, Lucario, and probably someone else that I always forget
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User Info: Acended

4 weeks ago#5
Piranha Plant.

User Info: ecylis

4 weeks ago#6

Now that YL is here, Toon Link

User Info: Majarubi

4 weeks ago#7
If I actually think for a while about the whole roster, I'll remember them all. However, a few that slip my mind that they're even in Smash are Daisy, Chrom, Villager, and all the variants except for Richter (Dark _, the other Links, ZSS, etc.).
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User Info: JoyStar

4 weeks ago#8
Villager, Bowser Jr... that's it
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User Info: avenue20

4 weeks ago#9
Bowser Jr Duck Hunt

User Info: BananaKingGuy

4 weeks ago#10
Villager, Ridley, T. Link, and Ryu.

In Smash 4 I used to forget Robin, Duck Hunt, and Bowser Jr. but now I remember them because they used to be so forgettable that it made me remember them.
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  3. Which characters do you forget are in Smash?
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