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  3. would you go bowling with your main?

User Info: rockerpikmin

3 weeks ago#11
No. Ganondorf would destroy me.
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User Info: CrimsonStrider

3 weeks ago#12
If all of a sudden a video game character you liked blinked into existence and wasn't here to kill you, who the hell would say no to practically anything theyd ask to do with you? Especially something as tame and mundane as bowling.

The only correct answer is "holt shirnduck skaiyes yes"

User Info: Doug314

3 weeks ago#13
No, I'm too scared of him. I'd probably try to run away.

User Info: Nergigante

3 weeks ago#14
Oh heck yeah! Bowling with Wolf sounds like a fun time. Great bonding experience too.

User Info: Ice_General

3 weeks ago#15
Sure. I mean if they know how to play bowling, they're on! Bowling with either Ike or King triple D doesn't sound like a bad idea.
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User Info: keyslayer

3 weeks ago#16
I can use Puff as a substitute bowling ball.

Then get put to sleep and then drawn on afterwards.

User Info: PrimalElz

3 weeks ago#17
I'm sure Toon Link can lift one easily but he's still a small child and wouldn't be able to throw it properly. Would probably get a "Sir, is that your kid?" comment.
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User Info: zoroark14

3 weeks ago#18
Peoples will question me if I bring a dragon waifu to the bowling and I also have to explain her how to play
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User Info: candysell

3 weeks ago#19
rockerpikmin posted...
No. Ganondorf would destroy me.

Ganondorf would reverse warlock the ball so hard that when it hits the pins it would completely shatter them and break the back wall.

I feel like Game&Watch would be extemely lucky at bowling. It would not be a fair game.
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