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  3. would you go bowling with your main?

User Info: BaconNEggs

4 weeks ago#1
scenario: you're walking outside a bowling alley when your main comes up to you and asks you if you want to go bowling

do you accept or decline
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User Info: terrabranford64

4 weeks ago#2
I wanna hang out with the phantom thieves especially morgana even
If it means id suck a lot.
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User Info: TohruAdachi260

4 weeks ago#3
I'd go bowling with Joker. He seems like a pretty cool guy.
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User Info: VeridisQuo

4 weeks ago#4
Go bowling with Mario? Easy yes, he'd probably bring all of his friends and enemies, tho, haha.
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User Info: DarkECOJak

4 weeks ago#5
With Lucas? Probably. Although I feel like getting a spare would get to him emotionally.
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User Info: Werewolf-Kirby

4 weeks ago#6
I'd go bowling with just about any Smash character. Ridley is the most iffy but if he wants to bowl, let's do it!
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User Info: Pirate_Arrows

4 weeks ago#7
DK has competed in more complex sports, I'm sure it would be fun.
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User Info: DragonImps

4 weeks ago#8
Yeah, sure. I’m not going to win, though, Pokemon Trainer’s thrown way more balls than I ever will.

User Info: Ice_Dragon14

4 weeks ago#9
I'd go just to see Pichu try to pick up a ball as big as he is
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User Info: NefariousCrow

4 weeks ago#10
no, sonic is a f***ing cheater at sports
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