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  3. This online baffles me (just bought the game)

User Info: Gametronics

4 weeks ago#11
The online has been broken on arrival.

-The GSP system is a joke and doesn't really do anything.

-The game forces you to rematch the same person for 3 to 4 times in a row.

-You pick a costume for your fighter and till this day they haven't fix the glitch that it returns you to the default costume.

-You're forced to listen to the music track of the stage your fighting your opponent instead of each peeson listening to their own music track individually.

-If you like teams or free for all, then you are better off in arenas because "Elite" smash is mostly 1 vs 1, 3 to 5 minutes, platforms with items or at the very least with smash ball. Most of the time.

-Not to mention the creative choice of fighters people tend to pick for online such as: Ganon, Cloud, Young Link, Peach/Daisy, Samus. But that's not the online mechanics, that is just people in general.

Overall, in terms of GSP, is better to never enter "Elite" and forget about the numbers for your mental sanity becauss at the end, GSP does not equal skill in the slightest.

User Info: LostForest

4 weeks ago#12
Oh don't forget, in classic Nintendo fashion, you're punished for having friends that don't live in the same building as you.

Have a person that lives far away? You can only fight them in arenas. Can't team up with them for matchmaking.
Oh but what's this? You can do matchmaking with a P2, but only if they're local on the same system.
BUT should you want to play with both your local friend and your faraway friend? Nope not allowed lol.

The incongruency of that last one boggles my mind.
-Revenant Dracanea-
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  3. This online baffles me (just bought the game)
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