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  3. Joker's Final Smash = Seizure

User Info: VideoGameBabes

1 month ago#1
Because someone at Nintendo apparently thought it was a good idea to make the whole screen flash white and then go bright red when the Final Smash hits someone. I've been on so many different anti-seizure medications and they didn't help. I've never even had problems with headaches and eye pain while playing Super Smash Bros. before Joker was released, because there were no flashing lights before Joker's Final Smash. I feel like I came so close to having a seizure last night, and I haven't had one in a long time. I hope Nintendo fixes this in the next update. I'm going to be contacting Nintendo to give them some feedback about this, so as many people who could help me spread the word as possible would really help. I love playing Super Smash Bros. and I want to keep supporting Nintendo, but they need to be more careful towards customers who are photosensitive to flashing lights.
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User Info: SmashPort

1 month ago#2
Nah it's not that bad.

Adjust your display's brightness settings.

User Info: locojou95

1 month ago#3
and that is why you should not play with items, ya filthy casual newb
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User Info: BaconNEggs

1 month ago#4
nice bait
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User Info: Butt

1 month ago#5
This is why Porygon has no shot
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User Info: SiriusTheGamer

1 month ago#6
I think you are exaggerating there, my friend.

User Info: jakenomad

1 month ago#7
I wonder if one of the reasons the stage has P3 and P4 variations was because the redness may hurt some people's eyes after playing on it for awhile
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User Info: TohruAdachi260

1 month ago#8
It wasn't even Nintendo's idea, though. Joker's final smash is lifted straight out of Persona 5.
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User Info: hyjinx17

1 month ago#9
Too bad for you I guess.
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User Info: oracleofire

1 month ago#10
Dude, if they literally had a seizure/ felt like they were at serious risk who are you to say it's not that bad or they're exaggerating? TC, I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know much about photosensitivity, but try to avoid putting yourself in situations where you could see Joker's FS (i.e don't enable the Smash ball or FS meter when someone's using Joker). That's sadly all you can do really.
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