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  3. Ok so Crow.... *SPOILER FROM PERSONA 5*

User Info: Chaos-15

4 weeks ago#1
Ok so like anyone finds it weird that Akechi gets excluded from everything aside from color swap?
Wouldn't keeping him with the group better hide the fact that he is very obviously the traitor from newer players?

Or am I thinking this too much? Is it to late at this point and really doesn't matter?
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User Info: Voltyr

4 weeks ago#2
Crow never gets marketed with the rest anyway lol
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User Info: perfectchaos83

4 weeks ago#3
Voltyr posted...
Crow never gets marketed with the rest anyway lol

Pretty much this.

User Info: Ridleyclone7296

4 weeks ago#4
Eh, I'd say it only hints at how he's different from the rest of the thieves, not necessarily that he's the traitor. And, that's basically part of his introduction.
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User Info: DylanYoshi

4 weeks ago#5
Him being the traitor is barely a spoiler in the first place. If anything, it being so obvious hides the game's real twist.

User Info: coconutarmy1

4 weeks ago#6
I think him joining the phantom thieves is kind of a late game spoiler in and of itself.

User Info: Atmaboy

4 weeks ago#7
I mean he only shows up for one palace..
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User Info: Collat

4 weeks ago#8
I don't consider him a real Phantom Thief anyway. He basically blackmails the team into letting him tag along, so the betrayal wasn't too shocking.

User Info: muur

4 weeks ago#9
even atlus leave him out, like before the game came out they didnt include him in a single piece of dlc media, and even to this day the dlc pics dont show his costumes, they just come with the dc lol

so like, itll be a swimsuit dlc and will show every but akechi but you get akechi swimsuit anyway

atlus gave no s***s about spoiling this and... its supposed to be obvious anyway

was kinda funny, people were like "why is akechi not in any of these dlc outfit pictures, we know he has dlc outfits"

User Info: End_King_Peach

4 weeks ago#10
The plot twist wasn't that he was the traitor, that was painfully obvious. The real plot twist was for the audience in learning that the party had already known before the betrayal occurred.
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  3. Ok so Crow.... *SPOILER FROM PERSONA 5*
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