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  3. How did your main change in the update?

User Info: BigBrain101

4 weeks ago#21
Dedede has a bit worse shield pressure with Gordo, that's it though.
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User Info: Untouch

4 weeks ago#22
WFT's jab actually works now, and is now broken.

User Info: Someguy1006

4 weeks ago#23
Pokemon Trainer was buffed with Charizard. Only slightly though. Otherwise Ivysaur got projectile shield nerfs.
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User Info: Kikku_Panchi

4 weeks ago#24
Pichu is easier to hit now.
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User Info: Nergigante

4 weeks ago#25
Wolf - Mini nerf
Incineroar - Nothing
Bowser - Mini buff
Fox - Nothing
Ridley - Nothing of note

All of them lost shield pressure with projectile shield damage nerfs too.

Overall, nothing really changed with my mains.

User Info: LnV

4 weeks ago#26
He was added to the game

User Info: mudkip72

4 weeks ago#27
The shield change means that Pikachu cant approach with Thunder Jolts as well as before.
Its not too big a loss, I often found myself using it as a brain dead approach option and more experienced opponents could punish it so I needed to stop relying on it anyway.

But for Samus its pretty terrible.
Threatening a shield break with Charge
Shot was one of the few things she had.

User Info: NightMarishPie

4 weeks ago#28
I was hoping mewtwo's buffs would make me re-main him, but he still sucks so I'm sticking with pac man.
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  3. How did your main change in the update?
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