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  3. AGREE or DISAGREE: VERGIL from DMC would wreck Most/All of the Smash bros Cast

User Info: 7NATOR

3 weeks ago#1
is He Motivated enough? - Results (167 votes)
Agree (Most of the Cast)
48.5% (81 votes)
Agree (all of the Cast)
10.18% (17 votes)
41.32% (69 votes)
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Vergil from Devil May Cry should be able to deal with at least most of the cast, and here's why

- With the Exception of Other Devil Arms, Yamato is said and shown to cut through anything, even Dimensions.

- Vergil is very Fast

- Vergil as of DMC5 can contend with Current Dante, who defeat large scale enemies like Mundus, Argosax, and Urizen

-He has a healing factor

- Dante is stronger than even Bayonetta

With the exception of Bayonetta, Kirby, Shulk, Ganondorf, and Sonic, Vergil Wrecks

Dante from DMC4 can beat Bayonetta, and Dante is stronger in DMC5. Vergil is equal to Dante in strength, so Vergil Beats Bayonetta

Kirby would prove trouble, but remember that Yamato can cut through anything that's not a Devil Arm... Kirby is not a Devil Arm. Plus even if Kirby Sucks Vergil up, Vergil can just escape the Kirby Stomach Dimmension and Slice him to pieces

Ganondorf can't be killed, but Vergil Can just Incapacitate him so a state in which he can't fight for awhile

Shulk is probably the only one that can beat Vergil, but That's only Endgame Shulk though

Sonic is very Fast, but Vergil has Tricks up his sleeve. Also Super Sonic might prove trouble cause it has invulnerablity, but not only can't Sonic Maintain the form forever, but because Yamato can cut through anything that's not Devil Arm, Super Sonic gets Bodied

Everyone else gets super Bodied

Of Course if Vergil runs out of Stamina, he gets Much Weaker, but he only really runs out of stamina when fighting Dante, his Equal

Agree? Yes?
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User Info: _Data_Drain_

3 weeks ago#2
Technically.... Kamiya said that Bayo was stronger than Dante. Although, that might not apply to modern DMC canon. Since he could have been referring to DMC1 Dante.
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User Info: Larpnugger

3 weeks ago#4
Bayonetta was confirmed to be superior to dmc from both series creator...

User Info: MaKoTiS_MoN

3 weeks ago#5
Larpnugger posted...
Bayonetta was confirmed to be superior to dmc from both series creator...

Bayonetta through feats isn't that strong or even stronger than the stronger Smash characters.
Word of mouth doesn't count unless the canonical feats disprove it.

User Info: LysanderxX

3 weeks ago#6
I don't know about wreck, but...
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User Info: HackedDragonite

3 weeks ago#7
He's not omnipotent, so at least a couple characters would beat him.

User Info: Namyks

3 weeks ago#8
Dante has never done anything even remotely close to what Bayo does to Jubileus, so I don't know where you're getting the idea that he's stronger than her.

Kirby's virtually indestructible, and the Yamato doesn't one-shot things so clearly there's a limit to its abilities.

Joker can make himself immune to all damage except for whatever Almighty is, so he'd probably win on account of being damn near unkillable.

To answer the question, yeah obviously Vergil'd body most of the Smash roster, he's meant to be absurdly overpowered for the genre of game he's in.

User Info: Nergigante

3 weeks ago#9
He could take most of them, yeah.
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User Info: Padraigo52

3 weeks ago#10
Most for sure. I would say he would have problems against Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Metaknight, Cloud and Bayonetta
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