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User Info: OmegaLink645

4 weeks ago#1
Is it okay for Yu-Gi-Oh! to be represented for SmUsh? - Results (22 votes)
45.45% (10 votes)
4.55% (1 vote)
50% (11 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I chose the Duelist from Tag Force and he's going to be like Pokémon Trainer. He'll have 3 Monster:
Dark Magician (DM Girl for Female Duelist), Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Kuriboh.
His Final Smash is like Triple Finish where Dark Magician will be Ritual Summoned into Black Luster Soldier, Blue-Eyes White Dragon will be fused into Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Kuriboh will be Tribute Summoned into Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Please no swear words and no negative responds.

User Info: Chaos-15

4 weeks ago#2
Only if Dark Magician and Dark Magician With Boobies are playable.
Accept Madoka as your new God.

User Info: jkid101094

4 weeks ago#3
Only if Dark Magician with boobies is playable.
I'm just here for cute fictional girls and dumb memes. Tag me if you want a reply.
Proud lover of Angel_Arle~

User Info: Gargomon251

3 weeks ago#4
wtf is smush
"No point in having two characters that are pretty much carbon copies. Am I right?" - Viridi

User Info: Nergigante

3 weeks ago#5
No. Yu Gi Oh is crap.
Bite me!

User Info: GrooseKirby

3 weeks ago#6
Jack Atlas on a motorcycle or riot
Official Jack Atlas of GameFAQs. Watch Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's!
Bandana Dee Bandana Deserves to be playable in Super Smash Bros Ultimate
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