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User Info: CGK

4 weeks ago#11
“Why is the game punishing me for being a salty baby?”

Next time don’t disconnect when you’re being beaten by a better player. Maybe you’ll learn something.
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User Info: ToiseOfChoice

4 weeks ago#12
put your controller in a position where it holds straight down or a trigger button, then do something else for at least 30 seconds

User Info: FellInTheSun

4 weeks ago#13
you need to disconnect three times in a short timeframe to get banned for 30 minutes

stop disconnecting
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User Info: NE_OC

4 weeks ago#14
Beers posted...
The_Hypist posted...
Beers posted...
The_Hypist posted...
this a****** who knows what you’re gonna do before you even do it?
Lol, stop being predictable.
Except I’m not, dumbass
Of course you aren't, your opponents are just psychic. Duh-doi.
careful there or he's going to ragequit from GFAQs
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User Info: Relinquished

4 weeks ago#15
NE_OC posted...
Everybody 1) is a genius, 2) is an alt, and 3) has bad taste, ok.

User Info: SmashBurb

4 weeks ago#16
I don't think the guy who said Shantae was guaranteed to be playable has any right to call anyone or anything "stupid", Hypist.
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